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Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

To find cheap car insurance in Florida there are some important things to keep in mind. For those of us who live in Florida, getting insurance coverage for our vehicles involves several things. We live in a highly populated and diverse state. The needs of Jacksonville residents and the needs of Orlando residents can be quite different.

Finding cheap Florida car insurance coverage that is still going to protect our assets is critical. Take a minute to review the facts and figures that will help you get a great deal on truly appropriate coverage.

Currently, the average premium for car insurance Florida residents is $1,700, which is barely below the national average of $1,837. Can you do better than that? Enter your zip code into the free Florida car insurance quote finding tool at the top of the page and find out!

Cheap Car Insurance in Florida for Coastal Residents

Since our state is surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that folks from all over the nation flock here for the warm weather and aquatic beauty. For drivers this means that the minimum requirements for bodily injury, property and personal injury protection may not be nearly enough. The tourist means that we are inundated with drivers who are new to local roadways; the nearby Atlantic and Gulf Coast mean that hurricanes can lead to flooding and challenging driving conditions.

So, if you live on one of the Florida coasts, taking the cheapest FL car insurance that you find could be a very bad call. In this no fault state, your insurance must cover your damages in an accident. Here are some questions to ask your self and your Florida auto insurance agent:

  • Is that $10,000 in property damage liability going to be enough to cover damage in an accident?
  • Do I have money in the bank if it is not?
  • Should I have comprehensive to cover flooding or other natural disasters?
  • Does the age and condition of my car merit collision coverage, or does my lender require it?
  • How much money do I have available through other means to cover medical expenses?

Of course, many of these questions will apply to residents anywhere in the state. However, if you live in Pensacola, you need to anticipate occasional floods and weather related incidents. This does not mean that you can’t find cheap insurance coverage. It does means that a policy that appears to be cheap could end up costing you a lot in assets and stress if it is not appropriate for your needs.

Cheap Car Insurance in Florida for Inland Residents

Are your Florida car insurance needs truly that different if you live inland rather than along the coast? That depends. Orlando, Florida, home of Disneyworld and an immensely popular tourist destination is well protected from some of the coastal disasters that other drivers in the state face. However, the population density of Orlando (including the greater metropolitan area) is over 2 million. The city of Orlando itself supports jobs for about 53,000 people. Clearly, high traffic is an issue. If you are one of the people who commutes daily, your FL auto insurance rates will reflect this fact.

Higher population also leads to higher crime. According to the 2006 FBI reports there were 2,336 documented incidents of car thefts in Orlando. To compare this with the national average the number is about 501 thefts per 100,000; this number puts Orlando at 1,077 per 100,000. By the way, if you drive a Honda Accord you are at an especially high risk as thieves love to target this vehicle. If you drive one, your insurer knows this fact and will charge you for it.

Top 3 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

So there are definitely risk factors involved with driving in Florida, and your precise location will determine many of those factors. Gainesville drivers, in a more rural and inland setting, will find a drastically different set of factors that those in Port St. Lucie. Here are some things that you can do, no matter where in the state you reside, to help lower the rates you pay for auto insurance.

Method One: Be Proactive

Consumers who shop around looking for the best deal, especially in regards to Florida car insurance, are most likely to get it. Commit to getting quotes from 3 to 4 insurers who cover your area. Compare the premium, deductible and specific benefits they offer you.

In order to make sure that you are comparing similar attributes, use a rate quote tool like the one above that will allow you to enter and submit all your information at once. This way you can be sure that Company One is offering you a policy on the same coverage as Company Two. Otherwise, it can be incredibly confusing to compare offers.

Part of being proactive means deciding what you are willing to pay in deductibles and premiums. Decide how much you are willing to pay out of pocket to pay on monthly premiums. If you know this before you get those quotes it will be much easier to decide which policy best meets your needs.

Method Two: Find Discounts

Be aware that, even though companies offer you quotes, these are not set in stone. There are almost always discounts available that consumers don’t know about. Ask about long term policy holder benefits, multiple policy discounts, good student and good driver discounts, group affiliations discounts.

Method Three: Make Changes

While you may not be willing to move across the state to get better rates on your auto insurance policy, there are more practical changes that you might be willing to make:

  • If you have a poor driving record look into taking a driver safety course that will reduce your rates.
  • If you live in a high risk area for theft, or drive a highly targeted vehicle, install anti theft devices in your car.
  • If you know your area is prone to flooding, take out the appropriate amount of comprehensive coverage. (Yes, this can raise your rates in the short term, but will save you a lot of money in the long term.) Also, if you have the option to keep your car in a garage, use it and tell your insurer.
  • If you live in a highly populated area look into public transportation or car-pooling. Using these options, even a couple of times a week, will reduce your risk in the eyes of your insurer and therefore lower your rates.
  • The bottom line for Florida drivers is that you do have options. There is no need to pay top dollar for insurance coverage. Now that you know a better way, you can find cheap insurance and quality coverage, now matter where you live.

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