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West Palm Beach City StatisticsDetails
City Population110,222
City Density 1,999 people per square mile
Average Cost of Car Insurance in West Palm Beach $4,814.02
Cheapest Car Insurance Company USAA
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A popular holiday destination with gorgeous beaches, resorts, museums, and host of other attractions to offer, West Palm Beach, Florida is a hotspot along the lush South Florida coast. Whether you’re a longtime resident of West Palm Beach or are gearing up for a move, finding car insurance in your city should be one of the top priorities on your list.

Unfortunately, finding the best auto insurance is often easier said than done. When life gets busy, you have yet another project on your plate at work, one of the kids needs a root canal, and the other one needs to go to soccer practice, searching for car insurance coverage sometimes get relegated to the bottom of your to-do pile.

It’s understandable.

Our team understands just how complex the search for car insurance can be. When you examine the different factors that could affect your coverage, such as your location, age, driving history, and others, how do you know which insurer offers the best policy options for your driving needs?

If you’re tired of surfing the wide-open web for auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida and keep coming up empty, this comprehensive guide to coverage in your city was tailor-made for you.

Even if you’re satisfied with your current insurer, but still want to keep your options open, you won’t want to miss this one-stop-shop breakdown of the cost of car insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida, rating factors, road safety stats, and so much more.

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Let’s dive right into auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in West Palm Beach

When you start hunting for auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida, the primary deciding factor at the forefront of your mind will probably be the cost of coverage. It’s only natural.

Before you decide which car insurance company is best suited to your coverage needs, you need to first understand what rates top carriers in your area offer and the factors that impact those rates.

Keep reading for a thorough breakdown and comparison guide to auto insurance rates in West Palm Beach, Florida by factors such as age, gender, zip code, credit history, driving record, and more.

Let’s get down to business.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

You probably were already aware of the fact that your age and gender could have a significant impact on the rates you pay for auto insurance. While the practice of considering your gender when assessing premiums is banned in a handful of states, Florida currently still allows gender to be used as a key car insurance factor.

According to a 2017 study conducted by Data US, the average resident age in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida is 39.6 years old. This means that the vast majority of residents won’t have to worry about skyrocketing auto insurance premiums due to their age.

Let’s dig deeper. Check out the table we have below, indicating just how much your rates could go up or down in West Palm Beach, Florida based on your age alone.

Age 17253560
Average Annual Rate $12,408.71$4,723.57$4,166.16$3,809.90
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It’s already pretty clear that age is a huge determining factor of rates in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you look at the premiums charged to 17-year-old drivers (the demographic with the highest average annual rates) and 60-year-old motorists (the demographic with the lowest average annual rates), you’ll notice that there’s an almost $9,000 rate gap.

It’s likely not much of a shock that teen drivers pay such starkly higher rates than the rest of the driving population. Once the motorist reaches the age of 25, rates drop significantly, to roughly $8,000 less than what teen drivers have to pay.

Remember, Florida is still among the majority of states that do allow car insurance companies to use your gender as a factor when assessing your annual rates.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, male drivers pay roughly $6,277.09 annually for coverage, while motorists pay $5,963.94 per year. 

Want to see how your age and gender together impact car insurance rates in your city? Check out the table below to see the data our researchers uncovered for yourself.

DemographicAverage Annual Rates
Married 60-year old male$3,845.36
Married 60-year old female$3,774.44
Married 35-year old male$4,109.63
Married 35-year old female$4,222.70
Single 25-year old male$4,859.41
Single 25-year old female$4,587.73
Single 17-year old male$13,546.55
Single 17-year old female$11,270.88
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The discrepancy in rates between the certain age and gender demographics is apparent. You may also have noticed that whether or not the motorist is married also affects car insurance premiums.

Why would that be the case?

Auto insurance companies typically recognize marriage as a sign of stability. To a carrier, this could translates to an increased likelihood that the individual adheres to more responsible habits when behind the wheel. Plus, car insurance companies typically offering bundling options, so marriage could also help you save on premiums from a practical standpoint as well.

As the data in the table above reveals, teen drivers pay the highest average annual rates, with teen male motorists paying approximately $2,000 more for coverage each year than teen female drivers.

If you’re about to have a student driver in your household or are already dealing with increased rates for one or more teen motorists, don’t lose heart. There is a wide range of factors besides age that affects auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida — as you’re about to see.

Let’s take a closer look.

Cheapest Zip Codes in West Palm Beach

The following table indicates the cheapest zip codes in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida for auto insurance. Did you know that your current zip code could impact how much you pay for car insurance?

It boils down to elements such as whether or not the area you live in as a high crime rate or a frequent occurrence of natural disasters. Check out the table below to see if your zip code is listed.

Zip CodeAverage Annual Rate
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Bear in mind, the average annual cost of auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida is $4,814.02.

Most of these numbers are well within the range or the exact same amount as this overarching average, with the exception being the 33412 zip code. In this area, residents are paying roughly $500 less per year than the cost of auto insurance statewide. 

What’s the Best Car Insurance Company in West Palm Beach?

There are a plethora of factors that can and do impact how much you have to fork over to the insurance company for coverage in West Palm Beach, Florida. Factors such as the actual company, the length of your commute, your credit history, and driving record, all have a serious potential to impact your premiums.

But, just how much do these factors really matter?

Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

The table below indicates the cheapest car insurance premiums in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida based on the insurance company. Is your current insurer listed below?

GroupMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old maleSingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleAverage
Liberty Mutual$4,754.51$4,754.51$4,342.58$4,342.58$10,216.83$15,826.56$4,754.51$6,508.63$6,937.59
State Farm$3,277.26$3,277.26$2,969.49$2,969.49$9,046.09$11,378.29$3,658.20$3,830.04$5,050.77
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When it comes to choosing auto insurance and finding the best rates, it often comes down to the carrier you pick.

You’ll notice that Allstate charges the highest average annual rates of all the carriers listed, while USAA offers the most affordable rates for coverage. If you look at what Allstate charges 25-year-old male drivers and 17-year-old male drivers, the two demographics that are charged the highest average annual rates, you’ll see that 17-year-old male motorists pay about $16,000 more a year!

Now, if you glance down the table to what a carrier like Liberty Mutual charges these two driver demographics, there’s still a rate gap, but not nearly so large a disparity. On average, teen male drivers insured by Liberty Mutual pay about $9,000 more per year than 25-year-old male drivers do.

For USAA, the carrier with the cheapest average annual rates of all, the rate gap between these two driver demographics is less than $6,000.

There is an important lesson to be learned here. Whether you have a household full of teen drivers, are an empty nester, or are searching for your very first auto insurance policy, it’s vital to select your carrier based on the rates they charge to your specific driver demographic.

After all, it doesn’t matter how cheap an insurer’s average annual rates are if the premiums they charge to your particular demographic are starkly higher than the competition’s.

Do some shopping around to make sure you pick the carrier that isn’t only best suited to your coverage needs but offers the most cost-effective rates for the demographic you fall into. 

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

A 2015 study released by the Federal Highway Administration revealed that Floridians drove an average of 14,465 miles that year. The table below follows on this point, revealing how much car insurance companies in West Palm Beach, Florida could charge you based on the length of your commute to work.

Group10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.Average
Liberty Mutual$6,707.64$7,167.54$6,937.59
State Farm$4,860.77$5,240.75$5,050.76
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You may have already noticed that while some car insurance companies will in fact charge you higher rates if you have a longer commute to the office each day, this isn’t the case across the board.

As an example, companies like Progressive and Nationwide assess the exact same rates to insureds, regardless of the length of their commute to work.

On the other hand, a carrier such as State Farm shows a notable rate difference for insureds who have a 10 vs. 25-mile commute to work each day. Our research team discovered that State Farm charges insureds with a longer commute roughly $400 more than individuals with only a 10-mile commute to work each day.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

Your chosen coverage levels will also impact how much you pay in annual premiums in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Think of it this way — higher coverage levels means higher risk for the insurer. You have way more of a cushion to fall back on in case you get into a wreck, but this also increases the amount that your insurance company could potentially be obligated to pay for covered losses.

So, it’s only natural that choosing higher coverage levels when structuring your policy typically means you’ll pay noticeably higher rates than if you opted for low coverage levels. Check out the table below to see what the data shows.

Liberty Mutual$7,435.73$7,061.78$6,315.26$6,937.59
State Farm$5,664.52$5,171.44$4,316.33$5,050.76
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If you review the table we have here, you’ll see that some carriers charge you much higher rates for higher coverage than others, but there is a fairly noticeable rate gap across the board.

Let’s delve into a few examples.

If you see what Allstate charges for high vs. low coverage levels, you’ll note that they charge insureds who opt for high coverage levels approximately $4,400 more annually than insureds who choose low coverage for their policy. With a carrier like Liberty Mutual, there’s only a difference of about $1,100.

If you glance all the way to the bottom of the table to see what USAA, the carrier with the cheapest average annual rates statewide, charges insureds who opt for high vs. low coverage levels. As you can see, there’s a difference of about $960 if you pick high over low coverage with USAA.

Once more — it all comes down to the carrier you pick. 

Now, let’s see how your credit history could either raise or lower your auto insurance premiums in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Did you know that your credit history (or lack of it) could impact how much you pay for auto insurance coverage in West Palm Beach, Florida? According to studies conducted by FICO, roughly 95 percent of insurers use consumer’s credit-based insurance score when assessing premiums.

Not only does the data show that consumers with poor credit tend to file a higher number of claims, but the state of your credit is a strong indicator to a carrier regarding how likely you are to pay your monthly car insurance bill in a timely fashion.

There are a handful of states that ban insurers from factoring your credit history into the mix when determining rates, but Florida is not currently among them. Check out the table below to find out how your credit could make your rates drop or skyrocket.

Liberty Mutual$5,278.54$6,549.87$8,984.36$6,937.59
State Farm$3,664.27$4,510.06$6,977.95$5,050.76
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Some carriers are much more forgiving of poor credit histories than others, as you may have already noticed.

Allstate charges consumers with poor credit around $7,000 more annually for coverage than insureds who have a good credit history. Hardly small change!

If you look at what Progressive charges insureds who have poor vs. good credit, you can see that drivers with poor credit pay over $4,000 more in premiums annually.

Even USAA charges insureds with poor credit about $3,800 more per year than consumers with a good credit history. While the rate disparity is wider with some carriers than others, the statistics do show that if you have poor credit, you could pay thousands of dollars more per year for coverage. 

If the state of your credit at present is less than stellar, it’s never too late to start work on repairing your credit.

Even if your rates are higher in the short term, if you continually work on cutting down your debt, paying your bill on time, and commit to never spending more than you can reasonably pay off in a given month, your credit could look a whole lot better when your next policy renewal comes around.

And better credit could mean bigger savings.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

While you’re probably already aware that your driving history helps dictate the rates carriers will assess for your policy, you likely don’t know by how much. Check out the following table to see for yourself how the premiums you pay in a year could go up or down depending on your driving record alone.

GroupClean recordWith 1 speeding violationWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIAverage
Liberty Mutual$4,897.13$6,824.18$6,467.28$9,561.77$6,975.39
State Farm$4,601.21$5,050.74$5,500.36$5,050.74$5,050.77
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It’s interesting to note how different carriers approach various types of driving violations in terms of raising rates. For example, while Allstate will raise your rates by about $2,700 for one DUI vs. if you have a clean driving record, Liberty Mutual will raise them by roughly $4,700.

Certain carriers such as USAA are slightly more forgiving, charging insureds with one DUI on their record vs. a clean driving history about $2,300 more per year.

Car Insurance Factors in West Palm Beach

Now that you understand how factors such as your commute, credit history, and driving record impact your auto insurance rates in West Palm Beach, Florida, it’s time to look at some other key components you may not have known could also affect your yearly premiums.

From how much you make in a year to your education level to your occupation, all these elements and more have the potential to make a significant impact on what you’ll end up paying for coverage.

Let’s get into it.

Growth and Prosperity

What do growth and prosperity mean for a city? Growth and prosperity are strong indicators of how a city if functioning on an economic level, which translates to the likelihood that you’ll be able to secure decent employment.

A city’s growth is the measure of the location’s economy, number of jobs, and entrepenurial activity. Prosperity, on the other hand, measures the average income and wealth in a city to project the city’s total productivity.

In Brookings’ 2017 Metro Monitor Report, their annual study measured growth and prosperity in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach areas during the decade long period between 2005 and 2015.

Here’s what their study found regarding prosperity in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Productivity — -4.6 percent (93rd of 100)
  • Standard of living — -8.0 percent (86th of 100)
  • Average annual wage — +4.2 percent (83rd of 100)

As these numbers reveal, productivity and the standard of living actually went down during the decade studied, while the average annual wage rose. What about the city’s rank on growth? Brookings’ study found the following:

  • Jobs — +7.1 percent (43rd of 100)
  • Gross metropolitan product — +2.2 percent (80th of 100)
  • Jobs at young firms — -9.1 percent (28th of 100)

The good news is that jobs and the city’s gross metropolitan product rose steadily between 2005 and 2015, despite the fact that jobs at young firms went down.

Median Household Income

median household income west palm beach

In Data USA’s 2017 study, it was revealed that households in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida have an average annual income of $49,054. This figure is notably less than the median national income of $60,336.

However, the median annual income in West Palm Beach in 2017 showed a 5.1 percent growth from the year prior, when the average annual income was $46,672. The infographic above shows the median household earnings of residents in West Palm Beach, Florida in comparison with neighboring areas.

So, what does this mean for you in terms of auto insurance? Remember, the average cost of car insurance coverage in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida is $4,814.02. Translated into concrete numbers, this means that the average resident of West Palm Beach is paying roughly 9.8 percent of their income — just to cover the cost of car insurance. 


Homeownership in West Palm Beach

While you might not think that owning a home would in any way affect how much you pay for car insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, auto insurance companies often look at homeownership as a sign of responsibility and stability, which tells an insurer that the consumer is probably safer behind the wheel and poses less of a risk to insure. Furthermore, since homeowners have to meet their house payment obligations each month, car insurance companies also assume they are more likely to pay their auto insurance bill on time as well.

Just like bundling your car insurance policy with your spouse’s could help you save on auto insurance, bundling your home and auto coverage is another way to potentially save big in the long run on premiums.

The graph below illustrates the percentage of owner-occupation in West Palm Beach, Florida, as of Data USA’s most recent study. West Palm Beach is indicated by the orange line, with neighboring geographics comprising the remainder of the data listed.

homeownership west palm beach

As of 2017, 48.6 percent of homes in West Palm Beach was occupied by the owner. These stats actually show a slight decrease in homeownership from 2016, when the owner-occupation rate rested at 48.8 percent.

The following chart shows the median property value in West Palm Beach, Florida, as released by Data USA.

property value west palm beach floridaIn 2017, the median property value of homes in West Palm Beach rose to $218,000 from 2016’s median value of $198,100. The chart above indicates property values in West Palm Beach with the orange line as compared to neighboring areas.

The lion’s share of homes in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida are valued between $200,000 and $250,000. 

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Education in West Palm Beach

In 2016, universities in West Palm Beach, Florida conferred 1,227 degrees upon students. The student population in the city is largely comprised of female students, with 1,552 male students to 2,610 female students.

universities west palm beach

The largest educational institutions based on the number of degrees conferred are as follows:

  • Palm Beach Atlantic University — 798 degrees conferred
  • Lincoln College of Technology-West Palm Beach — 339 degrees conferred
  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers-West Palm Beach — 90 degrees conferred

The most popular majors the year of Data USA’s study were:

  • Culinary Arts and Chef Training — 139 degrees conferred
  • Registered Nursing — 87 degrees conferred
  • General Psychology — 81 degrees conferred

The following infographic illustrates the most common degree concentrations for individuals who earned Bachelors Degrees at West Palm Beach institutions in 2016.

degree concentrations west palm beach

Other colleges in the area of note include:

  • Cambridge Institute of Health and Technology
  • Everglades University
  • Fortis Institute
  • Palm Beach State College

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

The graph below indicates information from Data USA’s most recent study illustrating wages in common jobs based on race and ethnicity alone. You’ll note just how much wages can fluctuate for the exact same job, depending on the worker’s ethnic group.

wage by race and ethnicity in common jobs west palm beach

As of 2017, Asians were the highest paid ethnic group of workers in the state of Florida. In fact, Asian workers were paid 1.08 times more than the second highest-earning ethnic group, Alaska Native workers.

The table below reveals the average wages for one of the most common positions studied, miscellaneous manager, in comparison to the percentage of each worker’s income going to cover the cost of auto insurance premiums.

Miscellaneous Managers' Race/Ethnicity Average Full Time Salary Percentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
Asian $90,1995.3%
White $85,5355.6%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders $69,3976.9%
Two or More Races $68,4097%
American Indian $64,9927.4%
Other $52,0279.3%
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Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

wage by gender in common jobs west palm beach

The gender wage gap is alive and well, as evidenced by Data USA’s findings in their recent study. In 2017, full-time male workers earned 1.34 times more than their female co-workers did. The chart above indicates the disparity in earnings between genders for the five most common job roles in the state of Florida, based on the number of full-time workers.

As of 2017, the average male salary was $58,931 while female workers earned roughly $14,000 less with an annual median income of $44,078. This means that while male workers paid out around 8.2 percent of their income in auto insurance premiums, women had to pay roughly 10.9 percent.

So, not only does that data show that women are earning less, but they’re having to pay 2.7 percent more annually of their salary to cover the cost of auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Poverty by Age & Gender

poverty by age and gender west palm beach

Age and gender don’t only show marked trends for car insurance — they also show strong indices for poverty levels. In the city of West Palm Beach, Florida, 18.9 percent of residents for whom poverty status was assessed were found to be living below the poverty line in 2017.

This means that roughly 19.7k out of 104k individuals live below the poverty line. In addition, the number of individuals living in poverty in West Palm Beach is noticeably more than the national median of 13.4 percent.

The largest demographic living below the poverty line in West Palm Beach, Florida are females between 18 and 24, followed by females between 25-34 and females between 6-11.

Poverty by Race & Ethnicity

poverty by race and ethnicity west palm beach

Data USA’s 2017 study also found that the most common ethnic group living in poverty in West Palm Beach, Florida are White residents. Black and Hispanic individuals are the second and third largest ethnic groups living in poverty, respectively.

The number of residents living in poverty at the time of Data USA’s release of their findings was as follows:

  • White individuals — 9,737
  • Black individuals — 8,088
  • Hispanic individuals — 6,719

Employment by Occupations

employment by occupation west palm beach

In the period between 2016 and 2017, employment in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida grew at a healthy rate of 2.02 percent from 51,400 workers to 52,400 workers. The most common job roles, based on the number of residents living in the city, were:

  • Sales and Related Occupations — 6,587 individuals
  • Office and Administrative Support Occupations — 6,560 individuals
  • Management Occupations — 4,738 individuals

Check out the chart above for a comprehensive breakdown of the share of common jobs held by workers in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Driving in West Palm Beach

It probably goes without saying that driving in any city can have the potential to be majorly stressful. Considering the tourist hotspot that West Palm Beach is, this rings even more true for residents of this beautiful city.

Save yourself needless headaches and keep reading to discover the best driving routes and important road conditions all motorists need to be aware of in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Roads in West Palm Beach

Check out the video above for a first-hand look at driving in your city.

Here’s the skinny on major highways, tolls, road trip sites, and more both in and around the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Major Highways

west palm beach florida map

Florida features 13 active interstates, which make up roughly 1,497.58 miles of roadway. These active interstates are as follows:

  • I-4
  • I-10
  • I-75
  • I-95
  • I-110
  • I-175
  • I-275
  • I-375
  • I-195
  • I-295
  • I-395
  • I-595
  • I-795

Interstate 95 runs directly through the West Palm Beach, Florida area, along with roadways such as Florida State Road 5 and U.S. 1. One of the most notable roadways running through West Palm Beach is infamous Florida’s Turnpike, one of the state’s primary network of toll roads that extends 461 miles across the state.

Operated under the Florida Department of Transportation by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, toll costs are dependent on what part of the toll you’re driving on and how far you plan on driving. Florida’s Turnpike offers a handy calculator to help drivers stay informed and up to date regarding potential toll costs.

Turnpike prices are calculated based on the number of axles and vehicle mileage. You can pay tolls with cash or by using your SunPass. With a SunPass, you’ll enjoy around 25 percent off the normal toll rates.

Florida motorists can utilize the Toll-By-Plate method where all-electronic tolling is permitted. Drivers who choose this option will receive a toll bill and be obliged to pay a $2.50 service charge.

If you decide that you’d rather purchase a SunPass transponder for your vehicle, you can pick from either the SunPass Portable or the SunPass Mini. The Sunpass Portable costs $19.99, not counting tax. You can attach it to your car windshield with suction cups and move it between vehicles as you require.

The SunPass Mini is a permanent sticker that cannot be transferred and justs just $4.99, exclusive of tax. Both passes require you to top up with a minimum $10 balance to activate your account.

Purchasing your SunPass is fast and easy, as you can do so at authorized selling locations, by mail, or fax.

Visit the SunPass website for additional information regarding purchasing your toll pass.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

With so many things to see and do both in and around West Palm Beach, Florida, residents are in the perfect location to enjoy a stay-cation or plan an easy road trip up and down the coast. Check out the video above for the top things to do in your city, then watch the video below for a bird’s eye view of some of the incredible attractions in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach is located just hours away from the Florida Keys. Check out the video below to garner inspiration for the ultimate Florida Keys Road Trip you may want to consider adding to your bucket list.

  • Fabulous Day Trips — Feel like a quick getaway but don’t have time for a full-fledged vacation? Then you won’t want to miss these 15 best day trips from West Palm Beach, featuring fun and popular destinations from the Everglades National Park to Cape Canaveral to Walt Disney World.
  • The Scenic Route — Take the scenic route with these incredible road trips and scenic drives throughout Southeast Florida.
  • Quick and Easy Road Trips — This list of 10 day trips from West Palm Beach has something for everyone to enjoy. From outdoorsy experiences to oceanside adventures, the whole family can take turns picking out your next day trip destination!
  • The Best Getaways — If you don’t want to go more than 50 miles away from home, this list of the five best getaways within 50 miles of West Palm Beach has you covered. From the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa to the Sabal Palm House B&B in Lake Worth, a relaxing, quick overnight or refreshing weekend getaway is at your fingertips.
  • Head to the Backroads — If you’re someone who likes to explore off the beaten path, these seven Florida backroad road trips could be a match made in heaven. With scenic routes like Palm Beach to Wellington to Lake Okeechobee to the Pensacola to Panama City Beach drive, you’ll run out of time before you run out of new road trips to take.
  • The Best in Your State — If you’d rather explore more of what the Sunshine State has to offer, check out these seven weekend Florida road trips featuring popular areas like Tampa, St. Augustine, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and so more!

Road Conditions

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, there are numerous projects scheduled around Palm Beach County that could impact residents of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Notable mentions include the Southern Boulevard (State Road 80) Bridge Replacement Project and the Forest Hill Boulevard at Kirk Road Widening Project. Visit FDOT’s construction projects page for current updates.

Be sure to also check out the City of West Palm Beach’s Road and Dock Closures Updates page for frequent updates that could impact your daily commute and other driving plans.

Does Your City Use Speeding or Red Light Cameras?

Florida law allows cities across the states to install red-light traffic cameras at their discretion, but there aren’t currently any regulatory measure sin place regarding speed cameras. Red light violations incur a $158 fine, but will not impact the driver’s record in terms of points.

Vehicles in West Palm Beach

Every city has its own distinctive trends regarding car ownership and theft rates, and West Palm Beach, Florida is no exception. For all this data and more, keep on scrolling.

How Many Cars Per Household?

The infographic below displays the households in West Palm Beach, Florida and the number of cars per household. The largest share of households in the city of West Palm Beach has two cars, with the second-largest share of households having one car each.

car ownership west palm beach

Households Without a Car

While the vast majority of individuals residing in West Palm Beach Florida own one to two vehicles, some households don’t have any car at all. The table below illustrates this data, featuring statistics from 2015 and 2016 regarding households who rely on other methods of transportation besides vehicles.

YearHouseholds Without VehiclesVehicles Per Household
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You’ll notice from the data here that vehicle ownership went down between 2015 and 2016, and accordingly, the number of vehicles per household went down as well.

Speed Traps in Your City

Speed traps are when law enforcement hides their parked vehicle so they can track motorists speeds via radar guns. If you’ve ever been driving along, sped by a cluster of trees or another hidden area, only to find a police officer was suddenly hot on your heels, you’ve likely been the unwitting victim of a speed trap.

Speed traps originated as a way to encourage driver safety and and serve as a disincentive to speeding. However, they have come under increased scrutiny as an effective way to pad revenue increases in local communities.

The great news for locals to West Palm Beach, Florida is that the city didn’t rank among the 10 worst speed trap cities in the Sunshine State. With that said, always stick to the speed limit and practice cognizant driving at all times to ensure you don’t get slapped with a citation.

Vehicle Theft in West Palm Beach

According to the FBI’s 2016 Crime in the U.S. Report, there were 553 motor vehicle thefts in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida — just in that year alone. Another study in 2017 by Neighborhood Scout reported a total of 522 motor vehicle thefts that year, which was only slightly down from 2016.

Neighborhood Scout’s study revealed the safest neighborhoods for residents to move to West Palm Beach, Florida, including the following:

  • Southern Blvd/Fairgrounds Rd
  • Orange Blvd/Coconut Blvd
  • Royal Palm Beach Blvd/51st Ct N
  • Belvedere Rd/Sandsbury Rd
  • 52nd Rd N/130th Ave N
  • Northlake Blvd/Ibis Blvd
  • Okeechobee Blvd/Rubin Rd
  • Oxford 100/Oxford 400
  • Century Village
  • Cypress Lakes

Likewise, the map below shows some of the most dangerous areas in West Palm Beach, Florida for residents.

most dangerous neighborhoods west palm beach

Based on Neighborhood Scout’s 2017 report, West Palm Beach, Florida rates number three on the crime index (with 100 being the safest). This means that West Palm Beach is only safer than three percent of U.S. cities.

According to Neighborhood Scout, your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is 8.28 per 1,000 residents. This number is notably higher than the statewide average, which gives you a 4.08 per 1,000 residents chance of being victim to violent crime.

To put it another way, you have a roughly one in 121 chance of being a victim of violent crime in West Palm Beach, Florida, and a one out of 245 chance of being a victim of violent crime in the state.

The table below illustrates the number of violent crimes in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2017 alone.

West Palm Beach Violent Crimes 2017MurderRape Robbery Assault
Report Total2566324498
Rate Per 1,000 People 0.230.602.944.52
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The following table reveals the annual number of crimes in West Palm Beach the same year.

West Palm Beach Annual CrimesViolentPropertyTotal
Number of Crimes9135,3206,233
Crime Rate (Per 1,000 Residents)8.2848.2756.55
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Who wants to be stuck in traffic?

No one does.

But you know what’s even more important than reducing your traffic time? Staying safe and secure whenever you hit rubber to the road with other motorists in your city and state.

Here’s what you need to know to navigate the open road safely and responsibly in West Palm Beach, Florida.


commute time west palm beach

The infographic above illustrates the average commute time workers have to face each day in West Palm Beach, Florida when they head to the office. In terms of averages, workers in the city of West Palm Beach have a shorter commute time of 21.5 minutes than the average U.S. employee, who . has a 25.1 minute commute time.

Roughly 1.84 percent of workers in West Palm Beach, Florida have what are known as super commutes, longer than 90 minutes.

The following graph indicates the most common methods of commuter transportation utilized by West Palm Beach, Florida residents at the time of Data USA’s 2017 study.

commuter transportation west palm beach florida

In 2017, Drove Alone was the most common method of travel workers chose to get to work, with Carpooled and Worked at Home in second and third place for the most common travel methods.

That year, 78 percent of workers Drove Alone to the office, while 8.63 percent Carpooled.

A much smaller number of residents reported Working at Home, comprising just 5.17 percent of the workers studied.

How Safe Are West Palm Beach Streets & Roads?

The table below indicates crash fatalities in Palm Beach County, of which West Palm Beach is the county seat. The data released by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) is not only educational but can help sharpen your driving habits so you’re aware of the potential dangers you could face when you get behind the wheel in your city.

Crash Type Total Fatalities 2013Total Fatalities 2014Total Fatalities 2015Total Fatalities 2016Total Fatalities 2017Fatalities Per 100K 2013Fatalities Per 100K 2014Fatalities Per 100K 2015Fatalities Per 100K 2016Fatalities Per 100K 2017
All Fatal Crashes 1371301871811629.949.2713/0912.4511.01
Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver 36324654402.612.283.223.712.72
Single Vehicle Crash Fatalities 87719992726.315.066.936.334.89
Fatalities in Crashes Involving Speeding19153731181.381.072.592.131.22
Fatalities in Crashes Involving a Roadway Departure50416156423.632.924.273.852.85
Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Intersection or Intersection Related46538480673.343.785.885.504.55
Passenger Car Occupant Fatalities 57507364494.133.575.114.403.33
Pedestrian Fatalities 35343737412.542.422.592.552.79
Pedalcyclist Fatalities 6816760.440.571.120.480.41
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The next table reveals the most up to date statistic released by the NHTSA regarding the highways in the Sunshine State with the highest number of fatal crashes.

Florida Road Type Fatal Crashes
Rural Interstate97
Urban Interstate 156
Freeway and Expressway 84
Other 876
Minor Arterial 458
Collector Arterial 309
Local 258
Total Crashes 2,922
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Arterial roads are defined as high-capacity urban roads. Based on the level of traffic circulating through any given area, the arterial road could be categorized as a highway or a minor arterial road.

You may have noticed from examining the table here that the highest incidence of Florida fatal crashes occur on roads in the “Other” and “Unknown” categories. This just goes to show that backroads can present enhanced road hazards, even if it seems like these roadways would pose less of a danger to motorists. 

The following table contains data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation revealing railroad and highway crash incidents in West Palm Beach, Florida in recent years.

Highway User SpeedCalendar YearCountyHighwayHighway User Type Rail Equipment TypeNon-Suicide FatalityNon-Suicide Injury
252012Palm BeachGardenia St.AutomobileFreight Train02
32013Palm Beach45th St.AutomobileSpecial MOW Eq01
02013Palm Beach45th St. AutomobileCommuter00
02014Palm BeachForest Hill Blvd.VanCommuter00
202014Palm Beach25th St. AutomobileC12
Not Listed2015Palm BeachOld Okeechobee RoadPedestrianC10
Not Listed2015Palm BeachPalm Beach Lakes Blvd. PedestrianCommuter10
02016Palm BeachForest Hill Blvd.AutomobileCommuter00
252016Palm Beach25th St. AutomobilePassenger Train01
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Based on the U.S. DOT’s study, it would appear that the most frequent incidence of crashes occurs on 25th St., 45th St., and Forest Hill Blvd. As such, exercise increased caution when driving on these roadways.

Allstate Best Driver’s in America

Allstate’s Best Drivers in America Report listed West Palm Beach, Florida as the 53rd safest city in the country for motorists.

In the city of West Palm Beach, motorists typically go nine years on average between claims. When compared to the national average, the relative likelihood of a claim being made is 8.80 percent.

On average, motorists experience 24.4 hard-braking events every 1,000 miles. There are numerous reasons a driver may need to brake suddenly, such as to avoid a crash or an obstacle in the roadway.


Whether you want to head out to meet your friends or need a lift to the airport, ridesharing is a valuable service to meet your transportation needs when you don’t want to/shouldn’t drive or getting behind the wheel isn’t an option.

The following rideshare services are available in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida, listed from the least to the most expensive.

  • Taxi
  • Uber X
  • Lyft Premier
  • Lyft Lux
  • Uber Lux

EStar Repair Shops

Whether you need some upgrades done on your vehicle or were recently involved in a crash, the EStar repair program could literally be a lifesaver when you’re in a jam. Sponsored by Esurance, EStar helps motorist around the country locate the best repair shops near them the fast and easy way.

Take a look at the top EStar repair shops in and around the West Palm Beach, Florida area that you may want to have on speed dial in case you get into a wreck or need repairs done.

Shop NameAddressContact Info
Schumacher Collision Center3031 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 615-3360
Al Packer Ford East1530 N Military Trl
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 689-6550
Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep6500 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
(561) 616-7524
Service King West Palm S1840 Mlk Blvd
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
(561) 841-0147
Wayne Akers Ford2000 10th Ave N
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 582-4444
Exquisite Auto Body3855 S Military Trl
Lake Worth, FL 33463
(561) 965-3390
Quality Auto Body517 S H St
Lake Worth, FL 33460
(561) 582-8400
Caliber Collision Royal Palm Beach230 Business Park Way
Royal Palm Beach FL, 33411
(561) 333-3368
Autonation Collision Center Of Greenacres5757 Lake Worth Rd
Greenacres, FL 33463
(561) 433-3782
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U.S. Climate Data’s most recent study regarding weather patterns across the country revealed the following about West Palm Beach, Florida:

  • Annual high temperature — 82.9 F
  • Annual low temperature — 67.8 F
  • Average temperature — 75.35 F
  • Average annual precipitation (rainfall) — 62.41 inches

Another factor to consider when structuring your auto insurance policy is the occurrence of natural disasters where you live.

Palm Beach County has had a total of 24 natural disasters, which is significantly higher than the U.S. average of 13. Of these 24 natural disasters, 15 were Presidentally declared disasters and the rest where declared emergencies.

With such a high rate of natural disasters in the county, it may be in your best interests to consider adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance is an invaluable asset to incorporate into your list of coverages because it covers car damage costs caused by factors other than a crash or rollover.

So, if your car is hit by hail, a flood, fire, or another kind of natural disaster, comprehensive coverage could help you recoup your losses.

– Public Transit

If you’d prefer to take public transportation in West Palm Beach, you’re in luck, because the Tri-Rail commuter rail service connects The Palm Beaches with six stations in the area and 18 total in the whole of South Florida. Traveling around the region is faster and easier than ever with this train system.

Operated by the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, Tri-Rail serves Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Click here for zone and fare information.

The EASY card is the Tri-Rail’s automated collection fare option, allowing riders to top up theor card with cash values as high as $150 for one-way fares, or load their card with different fare selections such as the 12-trip, Monthly, or Weekend passes.

Visit the EASY Card FAQ page for further details.

On a more local scale, Palm Beach County also has the Palm Tran Bus system servicing 19 Park and Ride locations throughout the county. In addition, Tri-Rail runs a free shuttle service between the Palm Beach International Airport and Downtown West Palm Beach on holidays when the Palm Tran buses are not in operation.

Alternate Transportation

If you’re a fan of alternative transportation options like scooter and bike rentals, popular service providers Bird and Lime don’t yet service West Palm Beach, Florida. Keep an eye out on their list of locations to see when new service areas pop up near you.

Parking in Metro Areas

While finding parking spots might be tough during peak hours, the good news is that West Palm Beach, Florida has plenty of free and paid parking options for visitors and residents alike. The city also provides timed and metered public parking spaces in the mid-town area.

Metered parking spaces are available in the Phipps Ocean Parking lots and Royal Palm Way as well.

If you own an electric vehicle, you’ll be happy to learn that the city of West Palm Beach, Florida has a total of 138 public charging ports (both Level Two and Three) within a radius of roughly nine miles.

Air Quality in West Palm Beach

Your car is one of many contributing factors that affect air quality in the city. When vehicles were first manufactured back in the day, the continually released toxic and foul fumes that served as potentially harmful pollutants.

While times have changed and modern vehicles are now subject to much more stringent regulations, they can still have a noticeable impact on the air quality of any city.

Check out the table below, indicating the air quality data for Palm Beach County, as detailed by the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) 2016, 2017, and 2018 reports.

Palm Beach County Air Quality Index 201620172018
Days with AQI359355365
Good Days268261314
Days Moderate889251
Days Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 220
Days Unhealthy100
Days Very Unhealthy000
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The good news is that the EPA found that the days with Good air quality far outweighed the bad, with zero very unhealthy days and only one unhealthy day reported during the entire period between 2016 and 2018.

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If you are a current member of the U.S. military or previously served, you could qualify for specific provider discounts on auto insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Let’s take a closer look at how much you could save if you’re eligible for military discounts on coverage.

Veterans by Service Period

veterans west palm beach florida

The city of West Palm Beach, Florida has a significant veteran population of former military personnel who served in the Vietnam War. In fact, the number of Vietnam veterans in West Palm Beach is 3.22 times greater than residents who served in any other conflict.

The second and third most common service periods are veterans who served in the second and first Gulf Wars, respectively.

Military Bases Within an Hour

Florida has no shortage of military bases spread across the state, with a few located in and around West Palm Beach, Florida. These include:

  • Autec Complex Navy Base
  • The U.S. Naval Reserve Center
  • The U.S. Army Reserve in Fort Lauderdale

Military Discounts by Provider

Take a look at the table below to see which top car insurance providers offer discounts to former and active military members. Bear in mind, not all carriers will release information regarding the exact amount you can save with their military discounts, which is why some companies listed are lacking values.

However, these carriers do still offer military discounts, so be sure to ask for further details when you talk with your insurance agent.

InsurerPercentage Saved with Discount
Geico (may be active or retired)15%
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
MetLife15% (could vary based on years of service)
Safeco (may be active or retired)N/A
USAA (policyholder, spouse, or parents must be active or retired military to secure policy)N/A
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USAA Available in Florida

While coverage through USAA is reserved exclusively for U.S. military members and their family, it’s astonishing to see just how cost-effective the carrier’s rates are compared to the competition. Check out the table below to see USAA’s average rates juxtaposed against competitors and the state average.

GroupAnnual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
Liberty Mutual$5,368.15$687.6912.81%
State Farm$3,397.67-$1,282.79-37.75%
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The average cost of auto insurance in the Sunshine State is $4,680.46. USAA’s rates aren’t just way lower than the competition — coverage through this carrier costs approximately 64.2 percent less than the statewide median!

Unique West Palm Beach Laws

Check out these interesting laws all motorists in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida need to know when navigating the open road.

Hands-Free Driving Law

While Florida law used to classify distracted driving as a secondary offense, legislation that went into effect July 1, 2019, upgraded it to a primary offense. Violators of the new Hands-Free Driving Law could be fined $30 for first-time violations, and $60 for second offenses, not including court costs.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are classified as Mobile Food Dispensing Units or MFDVs in the state of Florida, which means that operators must secure an MFDV license from the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants in order to set up shop. Besides submitting the application form and fees, you must also provide a complete business plan.

Local regulations and requirements also apply. Visit Palm Beach County’s Roadside Vendor Application page for additional information. You’ll also find contact details for all relevant departments, including the Planning, Zoning, and Building division.

Tiny Homes

Thinking about building your first tiny home? Not only will you need to adhere to county regulations, but follow any local city requirements imposed by West Palm Beach, Florida. Visit the Planning and Zoning page on the City of West Palm Beach’s website for additional information and if you wish to contact the city for further guidance.

Parking Laws

The city of West Palm Beach, Florida imposes stringent parking regulations on visitors and residents, with parking fines for violations such as expired meters and illegal parking. For example, parking by a fire hydrant in residential areas or facing the wrong way could incur a citation and fines.

Most violations that take place in residential regions are $60, while the rest in commercial areas are $50. Exceptions apply. For instance, you could be fined $250 if you commit a handicap violation parking citation.

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West Palm Beach Car Insurance FAQs

You’ve made it this far! Before we let you go, check out our quick and dirty FAQ section below!

What are the best nearby attractions?

From the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium to the city’s gorgeous Rosemary Square to the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach offers something for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to go far to find some of the best attractions along the South Florida coast!

How much is the cost of living in West Palm Beach?

Sperling’s Best Places measure the cost of living in cities throughout the country on a numerical system. Cities assigned indices below 100 are cheaper than the national median, while those above 100 are more expensive.

Sperling’s noted that the cost of living in West Palm Beach, Florida is 117.5. The median home price in West Palm Beach, Florida is $243,400.

What are the auto insurance requirements in Florida?

By law, all motorists must carry at least $10,000 PIP (personal injury protection) coverage and $10,000 property damage liability insurance.

What happens if I get into a car crash in Florida?

Because Florida is one of a very few no-fault states, even if you get into a crash, you’ll have to go through your own insurance to cover your losses. Only when you meet specific injury thresholds could you potentially step outside the no-fault system and pursue the other driver for damages.

If I’m a high-risk driver and can’t get coverage, what are my options?

When you can’t get coverage through the voluntary market, coverage through Florida’s Automobile Joint Underwriting Association program for high-risk drivers could be for you. While you won’t be able to pick your insurer, the program could buy you time to work on your driving history for better rates in the future while ensuring you meet the state-mandated auto insurance minimum coverages.

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