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UPDATED: Dec 28, 2021

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Palm Bay City StatisticsDetails
City Population111,657
City Density 1,754 people per square mile
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Palm Bay$3,185.08
Cheapest Car Insurance Company USAA
Road ConditionsPoor: 17%
Mediocre: 23%
Fair: 6%
Good: 55%
Vehicle Operating Costs$421
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Are you searching for car insurance in Palm Bay, Florida, but keep coming up empty? Maybe your policy renewal is just around the corner, but you’re not convinced that your current insurer offers the best deal for your particular driving needs?

Whatever the case may be, our team understands how frustrating the search for auto insurance coverage can be. How do you find the best discounts for all the drivers in your households? What factors affect your rates? What providers offer the cheapest coverage in Palm Bay, Florida?

We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of finding car insurance in Palm Bay, Florida, from the top providers to rate factors to road safety statistics and more.

Let’s dive right in! Are you ready to start comparison shopping now? Just enter your zip code in our FREE online rate tool above.

Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Palm Bay

Clearly, the cost of coverage is going to be one of the major components you factor into the equation when determining if an insurer in Palm Bay, Florida is best suited to your driving needs. So, before you take the leap, it’s important to understand what premiums you should anticipate paying to various top carriers in your city.

Ready to learn how factors such as age, gender, zip code, and commute length affect the cost of car insurance in Palm Bay, Florida?

Let’s get right into it.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

While a handful of states ban insurers from factoring components like gender into the mix when assessing rates, Florida is not currently one of them. Your age and gender can and will impact how much you pay for coverage in Palm Bay, Florida. The question is — by how much?

A 2017 study conducted by Data USA discovered that the median age of residents in the city of Palm Bay, Florida is 40.4 years old. This means that the vast majority of drivers in the city won’t have to worry about paying unusually high premiums.

To break this concept down a bit more, take a look at the table below to see for yourself how much your specific age demographic can affect your annual auto insurance premiums.

Average Annual Rate $8,167.82$3,120.35$2,738.08$2,510.02
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If you look at the data our researchers collected above, you’ll notice that teen drivers pay the most for coverage and 60-year old motorists the least, with a roughly $6,000 gap in rates between these two driver demographics.

It’s really not all that surprising, considering that new drivers get into more fatal accidents than any other driver demographic.

In addition to driver age, you now know that gender is another factor auto insurance companies in Palm Bay, Florida will consider when assessing your rates for coverage.

In the city of Palm Bay, male drivers pay, on average, $4,134.07 for coverage while female drivers pay $3,927.82 annually. This means male drivers are paying approximately $200 more per year for auto insurance in Palm Bay than female motorists are. 

Check out the table below, revealing how age and gender together could make your auto insurance premiums go up or down in Palm Bay.

Demographic Average Annual Rates
Married 60-year old male$2,533.25
Married 60-year old female
Married 35-year old male$2,705.75
Married 35-year old female$2,770.41
Single 25-year old male$3,215.42
Single 25-year old female$3,025.28
Single 17-year old male$8,906.83
Single 17-year old female$7,428.82
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Did you know that your marital status could affect how much you pay for car insurance? If you review the table above, you’ll see that not only do rates tend to go down the older the motorist is but when the driver is married as well.

For instance, if you look at the average annual rates that married, 35-year-old female drivers pay vs. what single, 25-year-old female motorists are charged, you’ll note that the latter driver demographic pays roughly $260 more per year for coverage.

Insurance companies often see marriage as a sign of stability, assuming that married drivers are more likely to have safe and responsible driving habits. The safer the motorist is behind the wheel, the less of a risk they pose to insure.

Besides that, many insurance companies will let you combine your policy when you get married, which means you could potentially save big with multi-car discounts and other applicable savings options.

Cheapest Zip Codes in Palm Bay

The table below indicates the cheapest zip codes in terms of car insurance coverage in Palm Bay, Florida. While your zip code might seem like an unrelated factor, if you live in an area with a higher incidence of crime or frequent exposure to natural disasters, you could end up paying more for coverage than you otherwise would.

Zip CodeAverage Annual Rates
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As you can see, auto insurance rates in the cheapest Palm Bay, Florida zip codes don’t fluctuate much, if at all. Remember, the average cost of annual coverage in the city as a whole is $3,185.08, which is right on track with the numbers listed here. 

This is good news for insureds in these neighborhoods, as the data reveals that car insurance premiums are remaining stable, rather than going up or down significantly from one zip code to the next.

What’s the Best Car Insurance Company in Palm Bay?

Finding the best car insurance company in Palm Bay, Florida is often much easier said than done. To save you time and trouble, our team did the research and broke down the data for various car insurance factors in your city.

From insurance rates based on the length of your commute to the cost of coverage for motorists with different driving records — you won’t want to miss this comprehensive breakdown of the best car insurance options in Palm Bay, Florida.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

GroupMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old maleSingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleAverage
Liberty Mutual$3,079.02$3,079.02$2,828.91$2,828.91$6,403.94$9,815.18$3,079.02$4,142.04$4,407.01
State Farm$1,907.98$1,907.98$1,739.27$1,739.27$5,562.27$7,080.42$2,120.46$2,262.16$3,039.98
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The table above illustrates the cheapest auto insurance rates broken down by the company in Palm Bay, Florida.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to see how much the cost of coverage can vary between providers.

Bearing in mind that teen drivers pay the most for coverage in Palm Bay, Florida and 60-year-old motorists the least, compare the rates that Allstate charges 17-year-old male drivers vs 60-year-old male drivers. As you can see, teen drivers pay roughly $12,000 more for year than coverage than 60-year-old male motorists.

In short, that’s anything but small change. Look at another comparison example of rates for the same driver demographics — this time with State Farm. You’ll note that 17-year-old male drivers pay State Farm roughly $5,000 more per year than 60-year-old male motorists.

While that rate gap is still significant, it’s nowhere near the ballpark of the premium difference you’d see with a carrier like Allstate.

The moral of the story? Always look at the rates a given insurer charges your specific demographic, rather than looking only at its average annual rates for coverage. At the end of the day, knowing what consumers in your demographic are paying out to different carriers will help you decide which insurer will best meet your particular set of insurance needs.

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

Another seemingly unrelated component that could factor bigtime into the rates you pay is the length of your commute. Take a look at the table below to see exactly how much some — but not all — car insurance companies in Palm Bay, Florida will raise your rates if you have a longer commute to work each day.

Group10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.Average
Liberty Mutual$4,267.52$4,546.49$4,407.01
State Farm$2,936.10$3,143.85$3,039.98
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You have already noticed that while some carriers do in fact charge you higher annual premiums if you have a longer commute to work each day, other insurers will assess the exact same rates either way. Two examples are Progressive and Nationwide — your rates won’t change at all whether you have a 10-mile commute or a 25-mile commute to work each day.

Then you have carriers on the other side of the spectrum, like Allstate and Liberty Mutual. Allstate charges consumers with a longer commute roughly $400 more annually, while Liberty Mutual insureds pay approximately $300 more for coverage each year if they have a 25-mile commute.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

Determining the coverage levels you want for your auto insurance policy is a personal decision. In the short term, as you’ll see in the table below, you’ll pay higher premiums for higher coverage levels.

However, in the long run, having increased protection on your policy in the event you or any other covered drivers in your household get into a collision could be worth its weight in gold — not to mention save you untold time, stress, and expense.

Take a look at the table low, revealing the average premiums you can expect to pay in Palm Bay, Florida depending on whether you select high, medium, or low coverage levels.

Liberty Mutual$4,717.31$4,473.69$4,030.01$4,407.00
State Farm$3,438.88$3,118.40$2,562.65$3,039.98
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While all carriers will charge you higher rates for higher coverage levels, the cost disparity is significantly wider with some insurers than others. Case in point, Liberty Mutual charges consumers who opt for high over low coverage levels roughly $700 higher rates.

Allstate charges consumers who pick high vs. low coverage levels roughly an additional $2,700 per year. If you’re insured with USAA, you’ll pay about $700 more a year if you opt for high over low coverage levels.

In terms of your monthly car insurance bill, you’d be looking at an extra $60 a month or so if you’re insured with Liberty Mutual or USAA. With Allstate, your car insurance bill would go up by a little over $200 a month.

Carefully consider both your insurance needs and budgetary needs when structuring your policy levels. The extra expense now could be well worth the peace of mind higher coverage levels would bring if you ever get into a serious crash.

Plus, as the data here shows, picking high vs. low levels of coverage doesn’t have to break the bank — once more, it all comes down to the carrier you pick. 

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Your credit score is another major factor auto insurance companies in Palm Bay, Florida can and will use when determining rates for your policy. Why would your credit score matter for car insurance?

Your creditworthiness — or lack of it — is a direct indicator to insurance companies of your financial stability and ability to fulfill your auto insurance premiums. If you have a poor credit history, insurers typically see this as a sign that you present a higher risk to insure.

Check out the table below to see how the current state of your credit could impact the premiums you pay in Palm Bay, Florida.

Liberty Mutual$3,398.95$4,171.13$5,650.93$4,407.00
State Farm$2,230.95$2,724.44$4,164.54$3,039.98
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You’ve probably already noticed that having poor credit could essentially make your car insurance premiums skyrocket. With a company like Allstate, you’re looking at roughly an additional $4,600 a year in auto insurance premiums of you have poor vs. good credit.

Even USAA, the company with the cheapest average annual rates in Palm Bay, Florida will raise your premiums by about $2,700 a year if you have poor credit.

The good news?

It’s never too late to start improving your credit habits and working on your credit score. If the current state of your credit is less than stellar, small and steady changes now to get your credit in the optimal range could save you thousands of dollars worth of premiums in the long run.

And really — who doesn’t want to save money on car insurance?

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

While you probably already knew that your driving record will impact your car insurance rates in Palm Bay, Florida, you might not know just how much your driving history can either raise or lower your premiums. It often all comes down to the carrier you pick — certain insurers are more forgiving of specific first-time driving violations than others.

Check out the table below to see for yourself.

GroupClean recordWith 1 speeding violationWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIAverage
Liberty Mutual$3,196.30$4,340.05$4,130.18$5,961.49$4,429.32
State Farm$2,777.65$3,039.96$3,302.33$3,039.96$3,039.98
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Having just one accident or DUI on your record could make a substantial difference in the rates you ultimately pay. If we look at the example of Allstate again, you’ll see that drivers with one DUI on their record pay roughly $2,000 more annually for coverage than drivers with a clean record. If you get into one accident, the data shows that Allstate would raise your rates by around $1,000.

Glancing further down the table to Liberty Mutual, you’ll see that one DUI on your record vs. a clean driving history could cost you upwards of an additional $2,800 per year.

Car Insurance Factors in Palm Bay

If you’re curious about what other factors impact your car insurance premiums in Palm Bay, Florida — the short answer is — plenty! Components such as your income, homeownership status, and education are just a few of the potential elements that could affect how much you’re forking over to cover premium costs per year.

Let’s get down to business.

Growth and Prosperity

What do growth and prosperity mean in terms of a city? Growth is an indication of how much the city develops in size and its entrepreneurial activity, while prosperity reveals the income and average wealth the city’s economy is producing.

According to Brookings Institutions’ Metro Monitor Report released in 2017, prosperity in Palm Bay, Florida between 2005 and 2015 was as follows:

  • Productivity — +2.9 percent (62nd of 100)
  • Standard of Living — -7.8 percent (84th of 100)
  • Average Annual Wage — -0.3 percent (97th of 100)

The same study also included growth statistics for Palm Bay, which revealed the following:

  • Jobs — -4.0 percent (97th of 100)
  • Gross Metropolitan Product — -1.2 percent (91st of 100)
  • Jobs at Young Firms — -10.4 percent (30th of 100)

As you can see, growth, unfortunately, declined in Palm Bay, Florida during the decade for which data was measured. In terms of prosperity, productivity increased, while the standard of living and average annual wage decreased.

Median Household Income

Have you ever thought about how much of your annual income is taken out just to cover the costs of auto insurance? The infographic below reveals the median household income for residents in Palm Bay, Florida, as of Data USA’s most recent 2017 study.

median household income palm bay

In 2017, residents in Palm Bay, Florida were reported to have an average annual income of $45,811, which is notably less than the national median income of $60,336. However, the 2017 median income in Palm Bay represented a 4.67 percent yearly growth from 2016, when the average annual income was $43,765.

Bearing in mind that the average cost of auto insurance in Palm Bay, Florida is $3,185.08, this means that on average, residents are paying seven percent of their income out — just to cover premium costs. 


Homeownership in Palm Bay

While owning a home might seem completely unrelated to car insurance, being a homeowner could also dramatically impact how much you pay for coverage in Palm Bay, Florida. Homeownership is another strong indicator of financial responsibility to an insurance carrier, which increases the likelihood that the consumer is far less of a risk to insure. 

rent vs own palm bay florida

The infographic above indicates the stats for homeownership in Palm Bay, Florida according to Data USA’s 2017 city study. As of 2017, 70.8 percent of all housing units in the city of Palm Bay was inhabited by their owner.

Surprisingly, this rate of owner-occupation was actually a bit down from the year prior, when 71.2 percent of homes were inhabited by the owner. In both 2016 and 2017, the percentage of owner-occupation was noticeably higher than the national median of 63.9 percent.

property value palm bay florida

If you take a look at the chart above, you’ll see the median property value in Palm Bay, Florida (indicated by the orange line) as compared to neighboring geographies. In 2017, the average property value in the city of Palm Bay was $119,200.

The 2017 median property value was up from the year before, when the average value of a home was $110,000.

In Palm Bay, Florida, the vast majority of homes have property values ranging from $100,000 to $125,000.

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Education in Palm Bay

Whether you’re interested in earning your four-year degree in Palm Bay, Florida or are planning on going the community college route, there are numerous educational institutions within the area offering two and four-year degree completion programs.

Eastern Florida State College in Palm Bay, formerly Brevard Community College, offers a range of degrees and certificates. These include several Bachelor of Science degree programs and a long list of Associate in Science degrees. The college also offers multiple certification programs, including Applied Technology Diplomas and Advanced Technical Certificates.

Other colleges within 50 miles of Palm Bay, Florida include:

  • Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne
  • Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology in Fort Pierce
  • Indian River State College in Fort Pierce
  • Johnson University Florida in Kissimmee

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

wage by race and ethnicity common jobs florida

The graph above indicates the most recent statistics released by Data USA regarding wages in common jobs based on workers’ race and ethnicity.

As of 2017, the highest paid ethnic group was Asian workers, who were paid 1.08 times more than the second highest paid ethnic group, Alaska Native workers.

That year, the highest average annual salaries by race and ethnicity included the following:

  • Asian Ethnicity— $54,227
  • Alaska Native Ethnicity — $50,175
  • White Ethnicity — $47,927

The table below indicates the average wages for one of the most common job roles reported, miscellaneous managers, in comparison with the percentage of their earnings going to cover car insurance costs.

EthnicityMiscellaneous ManagersPercentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander$69,3974.6%
Two or More Races$68,4094.7%
American Indian$64,9924.9%
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It’s astounding to note just how much workers’ salaries could be eaten up by premium costs, depending on their ethnic group. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that the data shown here is just one example of the wage gap between ethnic groups and its effect on premiums as a percentage of workers’ income.

Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

wage by gender common jobs florida

Have you ever wondered if the wage gap truly exists in your city and state? Here’s what the data shows:

As of 2017, full-time male workers in Florida earned 1.34 times more than female workers did. Male workers, on average, earned $58,931 that year while female workers made $44,078 in 2017.

Remember, the average cost of coverage in Palm Bay, Florida is $3,185.08. This means that male workers are paying roughly 5.4 percent of their income to cover premium costs, while female workers are paying out 7.2 percent.  

Poverty by Age and Gender

poverty by age and gender florida

Age and gender don’t just show unique trends for auto insurance and income — they also have distinct tendencies regarding poverty rates.

As of Data USA’s 2017 study, 15.6 percent of the population for whom poverty status was determined in Palm Bay, Florida were living below the poverty line. That number is substantially higher than the median nationwide average of 13.4 percent.

This means that 16.6k out of 107k residents in Palm Bay are living in poverty. The largest demographic living in poverty are Females aged 25 to 34. The second and third largest demographics living in poverty are Females between the ages of 55 and 64 and Males between 55 and 64, respectively.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

The same study by Data USA also revealed that White individuals were the most common ethnic group living below the poverty line in the city of Palm Bay, Florida. Black and Hispanic ethnic groups comprised the second and third largest racial demographics living in poverty.

The number of individuals in each of these ethnic groups living below the poverty line at the time of Data USA’s study were as follows:

  • White — 11,650 individuals
  • Black — 3,808 individuals
  • Hispanic — 3,620 individuals

Employment by Occupations

employment by occupations palm bay

Between 2016 and 2017, employment in the city of Palm Bay, Florida grew at four percent, from 44,100 workers to 45,900 workers. The most common job roles, by the number of residents in Palm Bay, are:

  • Office and Administrative Support Occupations — 6,610 workers
  • Sales and Related Occupations — 5,358 workers
  • Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations — 3,868 workers

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Driving in Palm Bay

While Palm Bay may not be the largest city along the east Central Florida coast, that doesn’t mean that residents don’t have to deal with their fair share of traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a booming metropolis, the bustling suburbs, or a smaller locale — sometimes, getting the behind the wheel is just plain stressful!

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep scrolling to discover the best driving routes, road trip sites, and road conditions in and around the city of Palm Bay, Florida.

Roads in Palm Bay

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about navigating the open road in Palm Bay, Florida.

With that, let’s dive right in.

Major Highways

map palm bay florida

Florida has 13 active interstates filtering through it for a total of 1,497.58 roadway miles. The active interstates include:

  • I-4
  • I-10
  • I-75
  • I-95
  • I-110
  • I-175
  • I-275
  • I-375
  • I-195
  • I-295
  • I-395
  • I-595
  • I-795

Interstate 95 is one of the major interstates winding through the Palm Bay, Florida area. Check out the video below for a bird’s eye view of Heritage Parkway near the North I-95 Exit!

If you plan on driving around Central Florida or anywhere throughout the state, chances are you’ll encounter the infamous Florida toll roads. Motorists on Florida toll roads can use either SunPass or E-PASS transponders.

SunPass transponders are issued by the Florida Department of Transportation and the E-Pass falls under the jurisidiction of the Central Florida Expressway Authority. The Central Florida Expressway Authority maintains and operates a series of tolls throughout the five counties in the Greater Orlando area, including Palm Bay’s Brevard County.

Both of the toll passes function on local and state toll roads. Here’s a quick rundown of E-PASS and SunPass options that you may want to consider if you find yourself frequently encountering any of the Sunshine State’s network of toll roads.

  • SunPass stickers are $4.99; E-PASS stickers are free
  • The SunPass Portable costs $19.99; the E-PASS portable transponder costs $9.95
  • E-Pass provides discounts for high-frequency motorists
  • SunPass doesn’t currently offer any discounts
  • E-PASS users can top up their pass at drive-up service centers; SunPass users can stop at any authorized retailer throughout the city
  • Both passes work in North Carolina and Georgia
  • There is an E-PASS Xtra option which operates in 18 states and costs $18.50

Visit the E-PASS and SunPass transponder information pages to locate additional details for each pass and determine which is most suitable for you.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

Beautifully positioned along the eastern coastline of Central Florida and just over an hour’s drive away from Orlando, Palm Bay is well situated for residents to enjoy some of the most beautiful attractions the Sunshine State has to offer.

Check out the video above for 15 cool things to do in your city when you feel like a stay-cation, then watch the video below for a first-hand look at a popular Central Florida Roadtrip to nearby Melbourne.

Need some ideas of things to do in and around Palm Bay, Florida? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at these amazing road trips and day trips, some of which are a mere stone’s throw away from Palm Bay.

  • Unforgettable Florida Road Trips — From Florida’s Most Picturesque Small Town Road Trip to the Florida Lighthouse Road Trip, this guide to the 7 Unforgettable Road Trips to Take In Florida Before You Die just made planning the next several year’s vacations a whole lot easier.
  • Play Tourist In Your City — Don’t feel like venturing too far from home? No problem! Check out this list of the 15 Best Things to Do in Palm Bay. From kayaking to fishing to the best nature views your city has to offer, it’s all here and more.
  • Central Florida Extravaganza — There’s so much to see and do in Central Florida beyond the instant activities that come to mind like Walt Disney World. From the Westgate River Ranch to the Bok Tower Gardens, these activities are an easy day trip from sunny Palm Bay, Florida.
  • Day Trips Galore — As Palm Bay is only about an hour away from Orlando, the day trip options in the surrounding region are almost endless! This list includes top spots like the Kennedy Space Center, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, and so much more.
  • Take the Scenic Route — The journey is half the fun, so take the scenic route with these incredible Central Florida Road Trips and Scenic Drives.

Road Conditions

One important element of driving safety is understanding the conditions you might encounter when you hit rubber to the road in Palm Bay, Florida. Check out the table below to see the data our researchers gathered regarding Palm Bay’s roads.

Poor MediocreFair GoodVehicle Operating Costs
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While the overarching majority of roads in Palm Bay, Florida are in good condition, a noteworthy 17 percent were found to be in poor condition.

Does Your City Use Speeding or Red Light Cameras?

While Florida law currently permits the use of red-light cameras throughout the state, the city of Palm Bay shut off its red-light cameras back in 2014 when their contract with their provider ended. There were previously red light cameras installed at three primary intersections in Palm Bay.

Currently, Florida hasn’t enacted automated enforcement legislation regarding speeding cameras.

Vehicles in Palm Bay

Every city has individual trends for car ownership and theft rates. Sounds like something you need to know, right?

Keep reading to learn how many cars the typical Palm Bay, Florida resident owns, plus the top vehicle theft and latest crime data you won’t want to miss.

Let’s get started.

How Many Cars Per Household?

car ownership palm bay florida

As the chart from Data USA reveals, the lion’s share of households in Palm Bay, Florida have two cars each, with the second-largest share of households owning just one car apiece.

Households Without a Car

While most residents in the city of Palm Bay, Florida own a vehicle, some don’t have a set of wheels, period. The table below reveals data collected between 2015 and 2016 regarding households in the city of Palm Bay that rely on modes of transportation other than vehicles.

2015 Households Without Vehicles2016 Households Without Vehicles2015 Vehicles Per Household2016 Vehicles Per Household
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As you can see, the number of households without a vehicle dropped noticeably in 2016, and accordingly, the vehicles per household went up.

Speed Traps in Your City

Have you ever been zipping along on the road, minding your own business, only to whizz by a cluster of trees or hidden cove? Suddenly you hear sirens blare out of nowhere and a police car magically appears and starts pursuing you.

If anything like this has ever happened to you, you’ve been the victim of a speed trap. While speed traps are designed to deter unsafe driving habits and enhance roadway safety, they have come under considerable criticism as being nothing more than a way to increase local community revenue.

A speed trap is when law enforcement hides their cars and use radar cars to track motorist speeds. The good news for Palm Bay, Florida residents is that the city did not make it to the list of the top 10 worst Florida speed trap cities.

Even so, in the interest of safety (and to avoid a pesky citation), stick to the most speed limits, keep your eyes to the road, and your ears open at all times whenever you’re behind the wheel.

Vehicle Theft in Palm Bay

In the FBI’s 2016 Crime in the United States report, the study revealed that there were 135 motor vehicle thefts in Palm Bay that year. Likewise, a study conducted the following year by Neighborhood Scout showed that there were 151 motor vehicle thefts in 2017, which was a slight increase from the year prior.

The safest neighborhoods in Palm Bay, Florida include:

  • Babcock St SE/Wyoming Dr. SE
  • Jupiter Blvd NW/Pace Dr. NW
  • Malabar Rd NW/Abalone Rd NW
  • Glendale Ave NW/Pace Dr. NW
  • Palm Bay Rd NE/Minton Rd
  • Jabara Ave NE/Malabar Rd SE
  • Malabar Rd NW/Jupiter Blvd SW
  • Babcock St SE/Agnes Ave SE
  • Emerson Dr. SE/Jupiter Blvd SE
  • Fallon Blvd NE/Babcock St NE

most dangerous neighborhoods palm bay florida

The square outlined on the map above indicates some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Palm Bay.

In their 2017 study, Neighborhood Scout rated residents’ chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Palm Bay as 1 in 199 or 5.02 per 1,000 residents. This figure is higher than your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in the state as a whole. Neighborhood Scout gives you a 1 in 245 or 4.08 per 1,000 residents chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Florida.

Currently, Palm Bay, Florida is rated 25 on Neighborhood Scout’s crime index, with 100 being the safest. This means that Palm Bay is only safer than 25 percent of U.S. cities.

The table here indicates the violent crimes in Palm Bay, Florida in 2017 alone.

Palm Bay Violent Crimes 2017MurderRapeRobberyAssault
Report Total74150463
Rate Per 1,000 People0.060.370.454.15
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The next table reveals Palm Bay’s annual crimes, also for 2017.

Palm Bay Annual CrimesViolentProperty Total
Number of Crimes5612,1202,681
Crime Rate (Per 1,000 Residents)5.0218.9924.01
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In this section, we’re going to cover some essential statistics regarding transportation methods in Palm Bay, road safety information, ridesharing, and more.

Let’s dig deeper.


commute time palm bay

The graph above indicates the average travel time commuters in Palm Bay, Florida face on their way to and from work each day. Palm Bay is indicated by the orange line for comparison purposes to the commute times in neighboring areas.

On average, employees in the city of Palm Bay have a shorter commute time than the average U.S. worker does of 23.9 minutes. The U.S. median commute time is 25.1 minutes. Roughly 1.58 percent of workers in Palm Bay face super commutes exceeding 90 minutes in length.

commuter transportation palm bay

If you look at the graph above, you’ll see the most common transportation methods commuters in Palm Bay use to get to work each day. In Data USA’s 2017 study, 8.25 percent of workers stated that they Drove Alone to work, while 9.35 percent Carpooled. Only 5.05 percent reported that they Worked At Home. 

How Safe Are Palm Bay Streets and Roads?

The table below reveals the crash fatalities in Brevard County in 2017, including total fatal crashes, fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers, single-vehicle crash fatalities, and more.

The data from the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) isn’t meant to deter you from getting behind the wheel or scare you — rather, let these statistics inform your driving habits to make better choices and exert greater cognizance whenever you hit rubber to the road.

Crash TypeTotal Fatalities 2013Total Fatalities 2014Total Fatalities 2015Total Fatalities 2016Total Fatalities 2017Fatalities Per 100K 2013Fatalities Per 100K 2014Fatalities Per 100K 2015Fatalities Per 100K 2016Fatalities Per 100K 2017
Total Fatal Crashes 766582988413.8011.6814.4716.9614.26
Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver (BAC .08+)14152525222.542.704.414.333.73
Involving a Single Vehicle Crash45354654508.
Involving Speeding11689152.001.081.411.562.55
Involving a Roadway Departure23183026304.
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)18263225303.274.675.654.335.09
Involving Passenger Car Occupant Death20192326183.633.424.064.503.06
Involving Pedestrian Death17212227203.093.783.884.673.39
Involving Pedalcyclist Death1042551.820.720.350.870.85
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The table we have here illustrates the most recent data from the NHTSA revealing Florida road types where the most fatal crashes occur.

Florida Road TypeFatal Crashes
Freeway and Expressway84
Minor Arterial458
Collector Arterial309
Total Fatal Crashes 2,922
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Arterial roads are high-capacity roads. Depending on how traffic filters through any given region, the arterial road could fall into the category of a highway or a minor arterial road.

The highest number of Florida fatal crashes happen on roads classified as “Other” or “Unknown”.


In case you decide you’d rather rideshare than commute in and around Palm Bay, here are the top rideshare providers available in your area:

  • Lyft
  • Lyft Plus

EStar Repair Shops

Whether you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident or simply need some repairs done on your vehicle, the EStar repair shops program could be your new go-to resource for finding local shops fast. Sponsored by carrier Esurance, the EStar program helps you find the very best repair shops in your area.

Check out the top EStar repair shops in the Palm Bay, Florida area:

Shop NameAddress Contact Info
Gerber Collision West Melbourne6933 Vickie Cir
Melbourne FL, 32904
(321) 725-7450
Gerber Collision Of Brevard805 E Hibiscus Blvd
Melbourne FL, 32901
(321) 723-5259
Gerber Collision Palm Bay2730 Palm Bay Rd Ne
Palm Bay FL, 32905
(321) 727-2050
Gerber Collision & Glass Cocoa802 S Cocoa Blvd
Cocoa FL, 32922
(321) 639-3230
Bob Steele Inc.2800 West King St
Cocoa FL, 32926
(321) 632-6700
Fine Line Ii9055 16th Pl
Vero Beach FL, 32966
(772) 299-7483
Americas Best Auto Body Shop Inc1705 10th Ave
Vero Beach FL, 32960
(772) 778-0443
Rices Body Shop Inc500 Garden St
Titusville FL, 32796
(321) 267-3570
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U.S. Climate Data regularly releases and updates weather information for cities across the country. While their most recent study didn’t include Palm Bay, it did feature Melbourne, which is a hop, skip, and a jump away. The average temperatures in the area in and around Palm Bay are as follows:

  • Annual high temperature — 81.9 F
  • Annual low temperature — 62.9 F
  • Average temperature — 72.4 F
  • Average annual precipitation — 51.97 inches

Brevard County has experienced an unusually higher number of natural disasters, with 24 total. That is considerably higher than the U.S. average of 13. Of these 24 natural disasters, 14 were declared major disasters by the President, while six were declared emergencies.

With such a high incidence of natural disasters in the area, drivers in Palm Bay, Florida would do well to consider adding comprehensive coverage to their policy. This type of coverage comes into effect if your vehicle is damaged due to something other than a crash or rollover.

From hail to floods to fires — comprehensive coverage could very well save the day if an unexpected disaster hits your vehicle. Watch the quick video above to learn more and for a helpful explanation of the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage, as the two are often confused.

Public Transit

Space Coast Area Transit comprises the municipal bus system serving cities throughout Brevard County, including Palm Bay.

Click here to access the full list of bus schedules.

You can purchase a One-Ride fare when boarding the bus (note that you can’t purchase this type in advance), as well as 10-Ride and 30 Day Passes. The 10-Ride and 30 Day passes must be bought in advance either by mail, phone, online, at bus terminals, or specific Brevard County Libraries.

The costs for the various types of bus fares are as follows:

  • Full Fare, 1-Ride — $1.50
  • Reduced Fare, 1-Ride Pass — $0.75
  • Full Fare, 10-Ride Pass — $12.00
  • Reduced Fare, 10-Ride Pass — $6.00
  • Full Fare, 30 Day Pass — $42.00
  • Reduced Fare, 30 Day Pass — $21.00

There are also reduced 1-Ride and 10-Ride Paratransit and ADA Paratransit fares for $1.50 and $15.00, respectively.

Visit the Space Coast Area Transit’s Info and Fares page for additional information.

Alternate Transportation

Alternate transportation scooter and bike rental providers like Lime and Bird have become increasingly popular recently as a way to get from Point A to Point B while staying fit and enjoying the sights.

Unfortunately, Bird and Lime don’t currently operate in Palm Bay, Florida. However, Lime is in Orlando, so if you take a day or weekend trip to the parks you can hop on one of the company’s famous green scooters there.

Parking in Metro Areas

There are a few free parking areas in Palm Bay, Florida, but street parking options could be limited. The city of Palm Bay, Florida has 27 different electric vehicle charging stations (both Level Two and Level Three) within a radius of roughly nine miles. Of these ports, 67 percent are Level Two charging ports and 48 percent of all ports provide users free charges.

Air Quality in Palm Bay

Among the many factors that affect air quality in any city — vehicle emissions are at the top of the list. The table below reveals data released by The Environmental Protection Agency indicating the air quality index in Brevard County in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Brevard County Air Quality Index201620172018
Days with AQI366352365
Good Days332315330
Days Moderate343734
Days Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups001
Days Unhealthy000
Days Very Unhealthy000
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The days with good air quality far outweighed the bad during the period between 2016 and 2018, with just one day that was unhealthy for sensitive groups reported during that time and zero unhealthy or very unhealthy days.

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If you are currently serving in the U.S. military or previously served our country, you could qualify for numerous discounts for your car insurance coverage in Palm Bay, Florida.

Let’s dive into the top military discounts that could help you secure big savings on your next policy.

Veterans by Service Period

Palm Bay, Florida has a significant populace of military personnel who previously served in the Vietnam War. The number of Vietnam veterans in Palm Bay is 2.62 times higher than resident veterans who served in any other armed conflict.

The number of veterans by the most common service periods who reside in Palm Bay Florida are as follows:

  • Vietnam War — 3,796 veterans
  • Second Gulf War — 1,449 veterans
  • First Gulf War —1,444 veterans

Military Bases Within an Hour

Florida certainly has no shortage of military bases, with several located in Palm Springs and nearby areas. The most notable ones, being:

  • Malabar Annex Air Force Base
  • US Coast Guard-Auxiliary
  • Patrick AFB

Military Discounts by Provider

InsurerPercentage Saved with Discount
Geico (may be active or retired)15%
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
MetLife15% (could vary based on years of service)
Safeco (may be active or retired)N/A
USAA (policyholder, spouse, or parents must be active or retired military to secure policy)N/A
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The table above shows the top insurance companies offering military discounts in the state of Florida. USAA also provides military garaging discounts to personnel.

Note that some insurers don’t release the exact discounts they offer, which is why some companies show “N/A” instead of actual values. Be sure to inquire with your insurance agent when structuring your policy to ensure you take advantage of all possible discounts.

USAA Available in Florida

GroupAnnual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
Liberty Mutual$5,368.15$687.6912.81%
State Farm$3,397.67-$1,282.79-37.75%
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USAA auto insurance is only available to former and current military personnel and their families. As you can see in the table above, USAA’s rates are by far the cheapest when compared to their competitors and the state average.

The median cost of auto insurance in Florida is $4,680.46. In fact, USAA’s premiums are roughly 64.2 percent less than the state average!

Unique Palm Bay Laws

Ready to learn a few unique and important laws governing drivers in Palm Bay and around the state?

Let’s take a closer look.

Hands-Free Driving Law

As of July 1, 2019, Florida’s new Texting While Driving Law took effect. It is now a primary offense to text while driving, with first-time offenders facing $30 in fines and second-time offenders a $60 fine.

Food Trucks

Looking to start your first food truck in Palm Bay, Florida? Food trucks are classified as MFDVs or Mobile Food Dispensing Units in Florida, requiring food truck business owners to secure a license from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Click here to access the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Application Center for further details.

You must also complete a Mobile Food Vendor/Mobile Food Truck Application at the city level to start your food truck in Palm Bay, Florida. Visit the Mobile Food Vendors and Mobile Food Trucks page on the City of Palm Bay’s website for more information.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have become a phenomenon with widespread popularity in recent years, allowing people to cut down their expenses and embrace the minimalist lifestyle. If you decide to build your own tiny home, you’ll generally be subject to the same rules as with mobile homes.

Parking Laws

You’ll be required to observe the same parking laws in Palm Bay, Florida as you would in any other city in The Sunshine State. For example, you want to make sure that you don’t face the wrong direction if you park on the street.

In Palm Bay, drivers are subject to strict private property parking regulations. Palm Bay Ordinance Chapter 93.044 states:

No inoperable motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled.

Visit the private property parking ordinance page on the City of Palm Bay’s website for more information.

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Palm Bay Car Insurance FAQ

If you still have questions about living and driving in Palm Bay, Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about the cost of living, auto insurance requirements, and other essential information current and future residents of Palm Bay should know.

What beaches are near Palm Bay?

One of the first things that come to mind when you think about the Florida coastline is beaches! There are numerous excellent beaches in close proximity to Palm Bay, including Paradise Beach and Park, Indialantic Boardwalk and Seashore, Melbourne Beach Park, and Satellite Beach.

How much is the cost of living like in Palm Bay?

Sperling’s Best Places releases the cost of living data, among other indicators, for cities around the nation. They rate the cost of living on a numerical scale. Cities assigned an indicator over 100 are more expensive than the national median, while cities under 100 are cheaper.

According to Sperling’s the cost of living in Palm Bay, Florida is 96.8, which means that potential homebuyers in the city are looking at less expensive real estate prices than the average U.S. home buyer. The average home price in Palm Bay, Florida is $177,700.

What are the auto insurance requirements in Florida?

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state. Florida law requires all motorists to carry a minimum of $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and $10,000 property damage liability insurance to register and operate a vehicle.

What happens if I get into a car crash in Florida?

Because Florida adheres to the no-fault system, if you get into an auto accident, you must file a claim with your own carrier rather than the other driver’s. Your PIP benefits will pay for your losses, no matter who caused the accident.

You can only step outside the no-fault system to pursue the defendant driver if you meet very specific injury thresholds.

If I’m a high-risk driver and can’t get coverage, what are my options?

When you have a history of driving violations or tickets, you might literally find it impossible to secure car insurance through the voluntary market. If this happens, you’re not out of options. The Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) plan could be the answer.

Provided you meet the criterion and are accepted into the program, an insurer will be assigned to you. Your rates for coverage could be higher, but you will at least be able to meet the state minimum requirements.

In the meantime, you can work on improving your driving record so you can pursue coverage through the voluntary market with more affordable premiums later on.

Don’t waste time spinning your wheels searching for car insurance in Palm Bay, Florida. Start shopping now with our rate comparison tool. Enter your zip code in the box below to start your FREE quote.