It is usually quite necessary to have good Florida business car insurance coverage for your company. Florida business car insurance coverage is designed to shift the vehicle liability from the business owner to the insurance company. Your business could run the gamut from a small business with one vehicle to a transportation outfit with a fleet of 18 wheelers. Florida business car insurance coverage could be as much as a million dollars, if you have a huge fleet.

Types of Businesses That Might Require Florida Business Car Insurance Coverage

Any car that is used for business purposes should be covered with Florida business car insurance coverage. You may think that because you rarely have customers in your vehicle if at all, you don’t need Florida business car insurance. There are several why you need Florida business car insurance.

  1. If you are a courier you may be transporting important documents.
  2. You may incur an accident while performing work duties
  3. You may have a fleet of vehicles that require commercial protection of your investment

In case number 1, enough property damage would cover this expense. In case number 2 you could be performing your duties when an accident occurs. Depending on the type of business and the factors surrounding the case, it could be financially catastrophic to your business. The same holds true for case number 3. You certainly want to protect an investment of a fleet of vehicles. A taxi service would serve as a good example.

What Does Florida Business Car Insurance Cover?

Florida business car insurance coverage should include the same basic coverage as your personal vehicle according to Florida law. Taxi cabs for instance are required to carry:

  • $125,000 Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) per occurrence
  • $250,000 Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) multiple injured person per occurrence
  • $50,000 Property Damage

Additional comprehensive and collision is also a wise investment. Personal injury protection is also required in Florida for medical expenses of the driver.

Information Needed

Florida business car insurance coverage gets a bit complex when you consider what’s needed from the employees that might be driving your vehicles. The Florida Department of Financial Services requires that you obtain:

  • Driving records
  • Driver’s license number

Some employees are required to carry or share in the cost of liability insurance on the company car. If the personal vehicle is used for work such as for courier work, the employer might need:

  • Personal car description if used for work
  • Personal car insurance information

Most times when a personal vehicle is used for work, it’s because the driver is considered an independent contractor. Still the company for which the contractor works has to make sure the driver is in compliance with Florida State law.

Florida Auto Insurance for Leased Business Vehicles

If you lease the cars you use for business, such as limousine companies do from time to time; you have to distinguish between options. You want to have your own policy with the name of business as the policy holder. Most companies have flexible plans to compliment the type of business you own.

Multiple Car Discount

There are many ways to save on Florida business auto insurance. One way is with a fleet of 5 or more vehicles. Then you want to make sure your employees have clean driving records. The type of business you have is going to weigh heavily on the rate quote. A lot of companies give incentive discounts. One might be, if your company is accident free for 12 months you qualify for a discount.

Florida Business Car Insurance Quotes

The best way to shop for Florida business car insurance quotes is by comparison. The best resource is going to be the Internet with its many options. It would be a good idea to try to find a company that specializes in business insurance coverage for the type of business you own. To get a jump start, click on the quote tool at the top of the page to start searching for the best Florida business car insurance coverage for your business. Get started finding the very best Florida car insurance today!