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UPDATED: Oct 1, 2020

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Clearwater City StatisticsDetails
City Population114,351
City Density 4,522 people per square mile
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Clearwater$4,107.24
Cheapest Car Insurance CompanyUSAA
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Are you a recent transplant to Clearwater, Florida searching for car insurance to cover all the drivers in your household? Or, perhaps you’ve lived in Clearwater all your life and are currently hunting for a new provider that better suits your coverage needs?

Whatever the case may be, finding auto insurance in Clearwater, Florida just got a whole lot easier. We understand how real the struggle to find the best car insurance carrier and coverage can be.

With so many carriers to pick from, you probably have plenty of burning questions on your mind. How can you really know which companies offer the best coverage and most affordable rates? What types of factors affect your annual premiums?

We’ve got you covered.

From the answers to your top questions regarding coverage in Clearwater, Florida to important traffic statistics to driving laws that every motorist in the city needs to know about — our team took the time and broke down the data to bring you this one-stop-shop guide to auto insurance in your city.

Sounds like something you need to know, right?

Start saving yourself stress, time, and expense today by streamlining your search for auto insurance in Clearwater, Florida. Use our FREE online rate calculator to access quotes for numerous carriers in Clearwater, Florida in seconds. Enter your zip code to get started.

Are you ready to get the lowdown on auto insurance in your city? Let’s get down to business.

Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Clearwater

No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for car insurance. It’s only natural that cost would be one of the most significant determining factors you’ll take into account when you decide which provider in Clearwater, Florida is the best choice for you.

There is a wide range of contributing factors that could affect the final amount you pay each month for coverage. Don’t purchase Florida car insurance again without knowing what they are and which are most applicable to your specific situation.

From your zip code to your driving record, you won’t want to miss this comparison breakdown of car insurance factors in Clearwater, Florida. For all this and more, keep scrolling down.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

You may have already known that elements like your age and gender could affect the cost of coverage — but by how much? Here’s what our researchers found.

According to a recent study conducted by Data USA, the average age of residents in Clearwater, Florida is 44.1 years old. What does this mean? Most drivers in the city won’t have to worry about skyrocketing car insurance rates because the median age far exceeds the age range for very young drivers who could potentially pose a higher risk for providers to insure.

Take a look at the table below to see exactly how much your age could make your auto insurance rates in Clearwater, Florida rise or drop.

Average Annual Rate$10,580.32$3,958.68$3,491.07$3,197.70
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As you may have already noticed, young teen drivers pay the most for car insurance of all the age demographics listed, and 60-year old drivers have the cheapest rates across the board. In fact, there’s a more than $7,000 difference in rates between these two age groups!

If you have younger drivers in your household and are feeling a bit discouraged already by these stats, the story isn’t over yet. While it’s true that the younger the motorist is, the higher their rates will typically be, age is not the sole factor auto insurance carriers in Clearwater, Florida use when assessing consumer premiums.

For one, the gender of the driver is another key component that companies take into the mix when determining rates.

On average, male drivers in Clearwater, Florida pay $5,306.94 each year for coverage, while women pay $5,031.71. This means that male motorists are paying just under $300 more annual for car insurance than female drivers in the city of Clearwater. 

With that said, age is often a more significant factor that carriers consider than gender is. As this study revealed, the younger the motorist is, the more important their gender will be to a car insurance company.

Speaking of which, check out the table below to see how age and gender together will affect your costs for coverage in Clearwater, Florida.

DemographicAverage Annual Rates
Married 60-year old male$3,225.44
Married 60-year old female$3,169.96
Married 35-year old male $3,448.95
Married 35-year old female$3,533.18
Single 25-year old male$4,086.23
Single 25-year old female$3,831.12
Single 17-year old male $11,568.04
Single 17-year old female $9,592.59
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Your marital status doesn’t just affect things like tax breaks or securing joint benefits. As you may have already noticed from the table above, being married or single can also impact your car insurance premiums in Clearwater, Florida.

The reason for this is that car insurance carriers typically view marriage as a sign of increased responsibility and stability. Therefore, they conclude that married drivers will probably exert greater awareness and car whenever they hit the rubber to the road. Of course, the safer of a driver someone is, the less of a risk they pose to insure.

However, that’s just one piece of the complicated insurance puzzle. Let’s check out other factors that can affect your auto insurance rates in Clearwater, Florida, including your zip code, the length of your commute, your driving record, and others.

Cheapest Zip Codes in Clearwater

Zip CodeAverage Annual Rate
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The table above indicates the zip codes where consumers pay the least for auto insurance in Clearwater, Florida. It’s interesting to see how your premiums can go up or down based solely on where you live. All of the rates listed are well in line with the overarching city average of $4,107.24 as well. 

Why would your zip code affect how much you pay for auto insurance? 

Well, components such as the incidence of natural disasters in your city or whether the area has a high rate of crime can all affect the level of an insurance risk you present to a carrier. Let’s dig deeper to see how your premium costs could fluctuate based directly on the car insurance company you pick.

What’s the Best Car Insurance Company in Clearwater?

While age and gender are definitely key car insurance factors in Clearwater, Florida, they are far from the only ones. The length of your daily commute, the coverage levels you pick, your credit history, and driving record all impact your annual rates.

Often, it really comes down to the individual carrier you select. As you’re about to see, different carriers approach these car insurance factors just mentioned in different ways.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

GroupMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old maleSingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleAverage
Liberty Mutual$4,100.42$4,100.42$3,745.52$3,745.52$8,808.87$13,645.35$4,100.42$5,611.88$5,982.30
State Farm$2,312.09$2,312.09$2,102.76$2,102.76$6,913.31$8,845.90$2,581.15$2,755.52$3,740.70
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The table above illustrates a thorough breakdown of auto insurance premiums in Clearwater, Florida by the carrier, along with the average annual rates for each. Is your auto insurance carrier listed?

Let’s dissect the data a bit to see just how much the company you pick can affect your final premium costs.

You’ll notice that Allstate assesses the steepest rates to consumers of all the carriers listed, while USAA comes in with the lowest rates of all. Case in point, if you look at the teen driving rates for both carriers, you’ll see that Allstate charges 17-year old males over $17,000 more annualy for coverage than Allstate does.

When you compare the rates that two carriers like Nationwide and Progressive charge the 25-year old male driver demographic, you’ll see that Nationwide insureds pay roughly $600 more annually for coverage than individuals covered by Progressive do.

The moral of the story here is that you should always look at what any given auto insurance company charges your particular driver demographic, whether you’re a student driver or experienced behind the wheel, rather than just focusing on their total average rate.

Not all companies determine their rates equally. As such, you could potentially get a much better deal on coverage if you do some shopping around before landing on your final choice. 

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

The Federal Highway Administration released a study in 2016 showing that Floridians drove 14,465 miles on average — just in that year alone! Following up on that, take a look at the table below, showing the average annual rates you could potentially pay to different carriers in Clearwater Florida, based on your commute only.

Group10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.Average
Liberty Mutual$5,784.02$6,180.58$5,982.30
State Farm$3,609.74$3,871.65$3,740.70
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While your commute time can definitely raise your rates, not all carriers will spike your premiums if you have a longer commute. Let’s look at a few examples.

Carriers like Progressive and Nationwide charge consumers the exact same rates, regardless of whether they have a 10 or 25-mile commute each day.

On the other side of the spectrum are auto insurance companies in Clearwater, Florida such as Allstate. The carrier shows a noticeable change in rates for 10 vs. 25-mile commutes, with consumers who have longer commute times shelling out over $500 a year more than motorists with a shorter drive to the office.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

The levels of coverage you select for your policy will also affect your annual rate. Naturally, if you choose higher coverage levels to safeguard all the drivers in your family, you should expect to fork over more in yearly premiums to narrow the loss ratio your carrier would incur should you get into a serious accident.

The table below indicates precisely how much your rates can fluctuate in Clearwater, Florida, depending on whether you opt for low, medium, or high car insurance coverage levels.

GroupHighMedium LowAverage
Liberty Mutual$6,429.30$6,093.14$5,424.46$5,982.30
State Farm$4,242.96$3,846.03$3,133.09$3,740.69
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While every carrier listed shows a definite difference in rates based on the coverage level you pick, the cost disparity is certainly more noticeable with some companies than others.

For instance, while a carrier like Allstate charges consumers who opt for high over low levels of coverage more than an additional $4,000 annually, a company like Liberty Mutual only shows roughly a $1,000 difference in rates.

USAA, the cheapest auto insurance carrier in the city also charges roughly $1,000 more per year to individuals with high vs. low coverage levels. If you breakdown the rates listed here in terms of your monthly car insurance bill, the differences are clear.

For example, with a company like Allstate, you’re looking at around another $330 a month tacked onto your auto insurance bill for high coverage levels. With carriers such as Liberty Mutual or Allstate, you would only pay about $83 a month more if you selected high over low coverage.

What’s the point? Choosing higher coverage levels for enhanced peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident doesn’t necessarily come cheap. However, the carrier you pick can make all the difference as to whether your chosen coverage levels result in a major spike in rates or merely a slight jump.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Did you know that your credit history doesn’t just impact your ability to rent a home or obtain a mortgage from a lender? Depending on the state you live in, your credit score will make a difference in the annual rates you pay — and Florida is certainly no exception. 

Apart from a few states that strictly outlaw the practice, most states in the nation can and will look at your credit history when determining your yearly premiums. Check out the table below to see for yourself how much your current credit history could alter your current and future rates for coverage in Clearwater, Florida.

Liberty Mutual$4,552.88$5,649.14$7,744.88$5,982.30
State Farm$2,722.84$3,343.73$5,155.51$3,740.69
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The table above illustrates yet again that different carriers have diverse methods for assessing rates, as some auto insurance companies show much higher average annual rates for consumers with poor vs. good credit than others do.

For example, Allstate charges consumers with poor credit over $6,000 a year more in premiums than individuals with good credit. Even USAA shows an approximate $3,300 gap in rates for good vs. poor credit.

If your present credit situation is less than stellar, don’t let this discourage you. It’s never too late to start fostering excellent credit habits and improving your chances of securing more affordable rates.

While it may take time to notice a difference in your annual premiums, paying your bill on time every month and only charging what you can reasonably afford to spend could actually save you thousands of dollars per year for car insurance in Clearwater, Florida.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

It’s likely not much of a shock to you that your driving record has a huge catapult effect on your car insurance rates in Clearwater, Florida. But, just how much of a difference can you expect to see if you have a clean driving record vs. a record with a speeding violation or DUI?

Take a close look at the table below to see how your individual driving history could affect how much you will have to pay out each year to auto insurance companies in your area.

GroupClean recordWith 1 accidentWith 1 speeding violationWith 1 DUIAverage
Liberty Mutual$4,229.25$5,579.01$5,884.70$8,236.24$6,014.83
State Farm$3,410.65$4,070.76$3,740.68$3,740.68$3,740.70
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With a company like State Farm, you actually won’t see much of a difference in rates, even if you have one DUI on your record. The carrier only shows an approximate $330 rate gap for drivers with a clean driving record vs. one speeding violation or DUI on their record. In fact, State Farm charges the highest rates to individuals with one accident on their record.

On the other hand, a carrier like Allstate will tack roughly an additional $2,600 onto your annual car insurance bill if you have one DUI on your record vs. a clean driving record.

Car Insurance Factors in Clearwater

As you can see, there are an array of factors that will determine how much you pay for auto insurance coverage in Clearwater, Florida. Now, we’re going to dig deep into some less obvious elements that can and will alter your rates, such as your education, household income, and occupation.

Keep scrolling to access all this data and more that our team of researchers gathered to help make your search for car insurance in Clearwater, Florida more smooth, seamless, and efficient than ever.

Let’s jump right in.

Median Household Income

Have you ever considered how much of your income is lost to car insurance premiums each year? The infographic below indicates the median household income in Clearwater, Florida, according to a 2017 study conducted by Data USA.

clearwater median household income

As of 2017, the median household income in Clearwater, Florida was $45,631. This figure represented a 2.38 percent city-wide income growth from the year before of $44,569. The average income in Clearwater, Florida is considerably less than the median national income of $60,336, however.

Bear in mind, the average cost of car insurance in Clearwater is $4,107.24. As such, the average city resident is paying out roughly 9 percent of their yearly income to pay for car insurance alone. 


Homeownership in Clearwater

Did you know that owning a home could lower your car insurance rates in Clearwater, Florida? Being a homeowner and the cost of your auto insurance is actually more intertwined than you might think.

Auto insurance companies generally view homeownership as an indication that you are responsible and stable. Homeowners have to make monthly house payments in a timely fashion, so carriers also conclude that they will probably also be good about paying their car insurance bill too.

clearwater rent vs own

As of 2017, Data USA reported that 57.6 percent of homes in Clearwater, Florida were inhabited by their owner, which represented a 5.71 percent increase in owner-occupation from 2016. The graph above shows the homeownership stats for Clearwater (highlighted in orange) as compared to the national median and neighboring regions.

The same study by Data USA also revealed that the median property value in Clearwater, Florida is $172,900. These 2017 stats showed a discernable increase from the year before, where the average property value in the city was $163,500.

The graph below displays the average property values in Clearwater, Florida as compared to neighboring areas.

median property value clearwater

The most substantial share of homes in Clearwater, Florida have a property value ranging between $200,000 and $250,000.

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Education in Clearwater

As of 2016, Data USA revealed that universities in the city of Clearwater, Florida conferred 349 degrees upon graduates. The student population is largely comprised of female students, with just 69 male students compared to 468 female students.

That year, the largest educational institutions in Clearwater, Florida based on the number of degrees conferred were:

The infographic below illustrates the largest universities in the city.

clearwater universities

In 2016, the most popular majors were:

  • Medical Office Assistant — 98 degrees awarded.
  • General Cosmetology — 66 degrees awarded.
  • Dental Assisting — 52 degrees awarded.

Check out the graph below for a breakdown of the most popular concentrations students in Clearwater, Florida chose that year.

degree concentrations Clearwater Florida

Other institutions of note in the area include:

  • St. Petersburg Theological Seminary
  • Clearwater Christian College
  • Florida Career College-Clearwater
  • Pinellas Technical College Clearwater
  • Holy Trinity College and Seminary
  • St. Petersburg College

Now, we’re going to take a look at how factors like race, ethnicity, age, and gender can affect residents’ income level and financial status. These points directly impact how much of their income goes to car insurance and the feasibility to be able to cover the costs of premiums.

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

The infographic below indicates the different wages for common jobs based on workers’ race and ethnicity. It is mind-blowing to see how much residents’ earnings can change for the exact same job role, based on race and ethnicity only.

wage by race and ethnicity in common jobs clearwater florida

In 2017, Data USA reported that Asian workers were the highest-paid ethnic group, with Alaska Natives and White ethnicities coming in as the second and third highest-earning groups, respectively.

The table below examines the average wages for miscellaneous managers, one of the most common job roles outlined in the graph previously, and the percentage of their income being taken out to pay for auto insurance.

EthnicityMiscellaneous Managers Percentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander$69,3975.2%
Two or More Races$68,4096%
American Indian$64,9926.3%
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Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

wage by gender common jobs clearwater

In 2017, male workers in Clearwater, Florida who were employed on a full-time basis earned 1.34 times more than their female counterparts.

That year, male workers brought home an average salary of $58,931, while females brought home just $44,078.

When you take into account the fact that the average cost of auto insurance in Clearwater, Florida is $4,107.24, this means that male workers are paying out seven percent of their income to pay for insurance, while female employees are shelling out 9.3 percent. That’s not to even mention the more than $14,000 average wage gap between genders. 

Poverty by Age and Gender

clearwater poverty by age and gender

The facts and figures for the wage gap between genders are noteworthy, and the stats for poverty by age and gender are equally alarming.

In Clearwater, Florida, 15.9 percent of residents for whom poverty status is assessed live beneath the poverty line. This figure is actually higher than the national median of 13.4 percent.

Female residents make up the lion’s share of locals who are living below the poverty line, with Females between the ages of 25 and 34 comprising the largest percentage of individuals in poverty.

Females between the ages of 35-44 and 55-64 make up the second and third largest demographics living below the poverty line in Clearwater, Florida.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

clearwater poverty by race and ethnicity

Data USA’s 2017 report also showed that the most common ethnic group residing below the poverty line in the city of Clearwater, Florida is White racial groups, followed by Hispanic and Black individuals. The number of individuals in each ethnic group who were living in poverty at the time of the study were as follows:

  • White — 11,917 people
  • Hispanic — 4,951 people
  • Black — 3,114 people

Employment by Occupations

In the year between 2016 and 2017, employment rates in the city of Clearwater, Florida went up 2.17 percent, jumping from a total of 50,300 to 51,400 workers. The most common occupations based on the number of residents in Clearwater are:

  • Office and Administrative Occupations — 8,045 workers
  • Sales and Related Occupations — 6,869 workers
  • Management Occupations — 5,181 workers

The infographic below illustrates the most common jobs held by workers in Clearwater, Florida based on the number of employees.

most common jobs clearwater florida

The graph below reveals the most specialized job roles held by workers in Clearwater, Florida.

The data shows that the quantity of workers in Healthcare Support Occupations is 1.41 times higher than projected, the employees in Health Technologist and Technician roles are 1.38 times higher than projected, and individuals in Sales and elated Occupations are 1.26 times higher than projected.

most specialized jobs clearwater florida

The highest-paid roles workers in Clearwater, Florida hold are Architecture and Engineering positions, Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, and Other Technical Occupations. The graph below illustrates the median earnings for the highest-paid occupations in Clearwater.

highest paid jobs clearwater florida

As of 2017, the most common industries employees in Clearwater, Florida worked in were Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Accommodation and Food Services. Check out the infographic below for .a comprehensive breakdown of the most common employment fields for residents of Clearwater.

employment by industries clearwater

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Driving in Clearwater

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a huge city or a small town — hitting the open road has the potential to be stressful. Even a moderately-sized city like Clearwater, Florida has its fair share of traffic.

Keep scrolling to learn the top driving routes, road conditions, and traffic stats in Clearwater, Florida.

Roads in Clearwater

From popular road trip locales to red light cameras, we’ve got you covered. Here’ what you need to know to stay safe and aware when you’re behind the wheel in Clearwater, Florida or anywhere else in the Sunshine State.

Major Highways

map of clearwater florida

Check out the map above for a birds’ eye view of highways in and around the city of Clearwater, Florida, then examine at the map below for a close-up look.

close up map clearwater florida

Florida has 12 active interstates running through it, comprising 1,497.58 miles of roadway. The active routes in The Sunshine State are:

  • I-4
  • I-10
  • I-75
  • I-95
  • I-110
  • I-175
  • I-275
  • I-375
  • I-195
  • I-295
  • I-395
  • I-595
  • I-795

State Roads 19, 60, and 590 all run through the Clearwater, Florida area. Check out the video below to get a first-hand glance at Highway 19 driving from Clearwater to nearby Palm Harbor.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

Beautifully situated near the Gulf of Mexico and in close proximity to other bustling cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg, there’s definitely no lack of things to see and do both in and around Clearwater, Florida. Check out these fun ideas for your next day trip, weekend jaunt, or full-fledged road trip!

  • The Foodie Experience — Take your foodie prowess to new heights with this list of the 21 most essential restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. From gourmet eats to hometown cooking, you won’t want to miss these hotspots.
  • Cool Excursions — The City of Clearwater, Florida published this list of top excursions in the area, from fishing and scuba charters to nearby Adventure Island and AirHeads Trampoline Arena. Barrels of fun for the whole family!
  • Spontaneous Day Trips — From Clearwater Beach in the Clearwater metro to gorgeous Naples to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, your weekends will be full of nonstop fun with these 15 best day trips in your area.
  • Autumn Getaways — These fantastic fall day trips start from nearby Tampa, and are easily reachable from Clearwater for a memorable autumn day with family or friends. From Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin to Gypsy Gold Horse Farm in Tampa, there’s something for everyone on this list.
  • Weekend Getaway — If you want a change of pace from nearby Clearwater Beach or the surrounding cities, these easy weekend jaunts to places like Key Biscayne or St. Augustine could be just the ticket.

Road Conditions

Pinellas County has multiple road improvement projects underway in the Clearwater area that are sure to affect residents in the coming years. One such project is the Crosswinds Drive Bridge Replacement project to replace the bridge above the Crosswinds Canal in nearby Palm Harbor. Construction is set to start October of 2019 and finish in January 2021.

Check out the Pinellas County Projects and Maps page for information about upcoming bridge projects, capital improvement projects, and more.

Does Your City Use Speeding or Red Light Cameras?

Florida permits cities to use red-light cameras statewide. There isn’t any legislation in place as of yet pertaining to speeding cameras. Drivers who violate red-light regulations will incur a $158 fine.

The city of Clearwater, Florida has utilized red-light cameras since 2012, but previously issued warnings to drivers who ran red lights instead of automatically sending tickets.

The city but took to stricter measures in 2018, ending the warning period and issuing tickets if the camera catches drivers running reds at two major thoroughfares in Clearwater. These intersections are Chestnut Street and South Fort Harrison and Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road.

Long story short — don’t run a red light, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Vehicles in Clearwater

Every Florida city has specific trends for things like car ownership and vehicle theft. For all this and more — keep on reading.

How Many Cars Per Household?

car ownership clearwater florida

Data USA revealed that the lion’s share of households in Clearwater, Florida have two vehicles each, with the second-largest group of households owning one car.

Households Without a Car

Despite the fact the most residents in Clearwater, Florida have at least one to two cars apiece, there are some households that rely on other methods of transportation and don’t have a vehicle, period.

The table below indicates data collected between 2015 and 2016 showing just how many households depend on other modes of transit besides a traditional car.

2015 Households Without Vehicles2016 Households Without Vehicles 2015 Vehicles Per Household 2016 Vehicles Per Household
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The percentage of households without vehicles grew by a very slight amount between 2015 and 2016, and therefore vehicles per household went down during that period.

Speed Traps in Your City

You know that spine-chilling feeling. You’re driving along, minding your own business, and lost in thought. You unwittingly speed up a few miles over the posted limit. You whizz by a cluster of trees or cove, when suddenly, police appear, seemingly out of thin air, and starts pursuing you.

If that has ever happened to you — you have been the victim of a speed trap.

In theory, speed traps are supposed to discourage irresponsible driving habits and make everything out on the road that much safer. However, speed traps also have the potential to bring in a nice chunk of change for the city.

The good news for Clearwater, Florida residents is that the city didn’t even make it to the list of the top 10 worst Florida speed trap cities.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. 

It is always in your best interest to stick to the posted speed limit and stay vigilant at all times when you get behind the wheel. Not only will you heighten road safety conditions for you and your fellow motorists — you won’t have to worry about getting slapped with a fine for speeding.

Vehicle Theft in Clearwater

The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Division released a Crime in the U.S. Study back in 2016, indicating that there were 232 motor vehicle thefts in the city of Clearwater, Florida — just in that year. I

In 2017, Neighborhood Scout published a study naming the safest neighborhoods for residents of Clearwater, Florida. These neighborhoods are:

  • Trailwood Court/Countryside Boulevard
  • N Belcher Road/World Parkway
  • Gulf Boulevard/Sand Key Estates Drive
  • Route 19/Sunset Point Road
  • Route 19/297th Avenue N
  • Lakeview Road/S Highland Avenue
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Island Way/Windward Passage
  • Virginia St/Main St
  • Route 19/Enterprise Road

The map below indicates the most dangerous areas to live in Clearwater, Florida, according to Neighborhood Scout.

most dangerous neighborhoods clearwater florida

In addition, Neighborhood Scout rated residents’ chances of becoming victims of violent crime as five per 1,000 residents. This figure is slightly above the national median, which gives you 4.08 chance per 1,000 residents of becoming a victim of violent crime.

Currently, Clearwater, Florida is ranked at 12 on the crime index, with 100 being the safest. Clearwater is only safer than 12 percent of U.S. cities.

Check out the table below, indicating the incidence of violent crime in Clearwater, Florida as of 2017.

Clearwater Violent Crimes 2017MurderRapeRobberyAssault
Report Total385141349
Rate Per 1,000 People0.030.741.223.02
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The following table reveals the annual crimes in Clearwater, Florida in 2017.

Clearwater Annual CrimesViolentPropertyOther
Number of Crimes 5783,6524,230
Crime Rate (Per 1,000 Residents)5.0031.6236.62
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Being stuck in traffic can be a real drag.

Here’s what you need to know about transportation and safety statistics in Clearwater, Florida.


commute time clearwater florida

The graph above reveals the average commute times that workers in Clearwater, Florida face daily. The average worker in Clearwater has a shorter commute than the average U.S. worker of 22.6 minutes. The national median commute time is 25.1 minutes.

However, roughly 1.54 percent of workers in Clearwater, Florida deal with super commutes longer than 90 minutes total. The bar graph below also indicates commute times in Clearwater, along with comparison the average commute times in neighboring areas.

commute time clearwater florida

As of 2017, Data USA revealed that the most frequently used mode of travel to work was Drove Alone, with individuals who Carpooled and Worked At Home comprising the second and third largest demographics.

commuter transportation clearwater

How Safe Are Clearwater Streets and Roads?

Crash Type Total Fatalities 2013Total Fatalities 2014Total Fatalities 2015Total Fatalities 2016Total Fatalities 2017Fatalities Per 100K 2013Fatalities Per 100K 2014Fatalities Per 100K 2015Fatalities Per 100K 2016Fatalities Per 100K 2017
All Fatal Crashes 831161031281188.9312.3710.8513.3012.16
Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver 22402443342.374.262.534.473.50
Single Vehicle Crash Fatalities 56625972606.036.616.217.486.18
Fatalities in Crashes Involving Speeding7161413160.751.711.471.351.65
Fatalities in Crashes Involving a Roadway Departure22292139242.373.
Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Intersection or Intersection Related35543546553.775.763.694.785.67
Passenger Car Occupant Fatalities 16272435311.722.882.533.643.19
Pedestrian Fatalities 26413541372.804.373.694.263.81
Pedalcyclist Fatalities 1075261.080.750.530.210.62
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The table above shows information collected by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) regarding traffic fatality statistics in Pinellas County. In order to increase your awareness and safety whenever you’re behind the wheel, it’s essential to understand the potential road dangers that drivers in Clearwater, Florida face on a daily basis.

Next, check out the table below, listing the most recent data released by the NHTSA regarding Florida roads with the highest numbers of fatal crashes.

Florida Road Type Fatal Crashes
Rural Interstate97
Urban Interstate 156
Freeway and Expressway 84
Other 876
Minor Arterial 458
Collector Arterial 309
Local 258
Total Crashes 2,922
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Let’s break the data down a bit. Roads that are classified as arterial roads are essentially high-capacity urban roadways. Depending on how traffic filters through any given area, the arterial road could fall into the category of either a highway or a minor arterial road.

According to the NHTSA, the highest incidence of fatal crashes in the state of Florida occur on roadways classifed as Other or Unknown. What this means is that driving on back roads or off the highway could potentially increase the road dangers you might encounter.

Exert additional caution whenever you venture off the highway or on other back roads. While it might seem that these less-trafficked roads present less of a danger, the data shows that these roadways could actually be the most hazardous for motorists in Clearwater, Florida.

Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report

According to Allstate’s 2019 America’s Best Drivers Report, the Clearwater area ranked as the 42nd safest city for motorists in the U.S.

In Clearwater, FLorida, the likelihood that an auto insurance claim will be made in comparison with the national average is 4.40 percent. In addition, drivers in the area typically go 9.6 years between claims.

This is fantastic news for residents of Clearwater because the data indicates that motorists in the city aren’t involved in collisions very frequently. Clearwater’s hard-braking events per 1,000 miles are 20.2. There are a wide variety of reasons a driver might brake hard, such as to avoid a crash or animal. 


Whether you want to zip downtown for a business meeting or need a designated driver after a fun night with friends, it’s important to know what rideshare services are available in your city so you can get from Point A to Point B efficiently and on time.

The following rideshare services are at your disposal in Clearwater, Florida and are listed below in order from the least to the most expensive:

  • RideYellow
  • Taxi
  • Uber X
  • Lyft
  • Lyft Premier
  • Uber Select
  • Lyft Lux
  • Carmel

EStar Repair Shops

Whether you were recently involved in a car crash in Clearwater, Florida or need some routine repairs done on your car, EStar repair shops could be a game-changer. Sponsored by the company Esurance, the EStar program helps you find the top repair shops in your area.

Take a look at the top 10 EStar repair shops in and around Clearwater, Florida as listed in the table below

Shop Name AddressContact Info
Pinellas Auto Body2084 Range Rd
Clearwater FL, 33765
(727) 446-4051
Autonation Collision Center Of Clearwater16604 US Highway 19 N
Clearwater FL, 33764
(727) 536-0557
Days Collision Painting And Repair975 Florida Ave
Palm Harbor FL, 34683
(727) 784-2445
Dick Norris Buick GMC Mitsubishi30777 Us Highway 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 787-8663
Suncoast Chrysler8755 Park Blvd
Seminole FL, 33777
(727) 393-4621
Service King Oldsmar Sk246 MSO3888 Tampa Rd
Oldsmar FL, 34677
(813) 855-7066
Dimmitt Cadillac Inc240 Vollmer Ave
Oldsmar FL, 34677
(813) 448-2668
Service King St Petersburg S MSO6605 Haines Rd N
St Petersburg FL, 33702
(727) 528-4848
West Coast Collision Center1444 Alternate 19
Holiday FL, 34691
(727) 937-5196
Caliber Collision St Petersburg601 34th St S
St Petersburg FL, 33711
(727) 321-0003
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Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding areas are known for gorgeous weather and pristine beaches. U.S. Climate Data regularly releases studies indicating the average temperatures in cities across the nation.

Their findings for Clearwater are listed below:

  • Annual high temperature — 81.9 F
  • Annual low temperature — 65.4 F
  • Average temperature — 73.65 F
  • Average annual precipitation — 54.73 inches

It’s hard to beat those mild temperatures. With it’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and tropical temperatures, Clearwater, Florida has seen its fair share of natural disasters.

Thus far, there have been 22 natural disasters in Pinellas County as a whole, which is notably higher than the national median of 13. Of those 22 natural disasters, 14 have been Presidentially declared and the remaining five fall into the category of declared emergencies.

You don’t want to be caught in a storm without an umbrella so to speak if a natural disaster hits your city. The best way way to protect your vehicle in the event of a natural disaster is to add comprehensive car insurance coverage to your policy.

From hail damage to floods, comprehensive coverage comes into play if your car incurs damage stemming from a cause apart from a rollover or collision.

Public Transit

Don’t feel like driving to nearby Clearwater Beach or other coastal towns neighboring Clearwater? You’re in luck because you can hop aboard the Clearwater Jolley Trolley. Passes are interchangeable, so you can ride on the Suncoast Trolley and Pinellas County bus system as you need to.

Residents can utilize the Jolley Trolley to hop on over to Sand Key, the beach, Downtown Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and other nearby hotspots, or rent a vintage trolley as a private charter.

The Jolley Trolley costs just $5.00 if you wish to purchase an unlimited ride pass, and is discounted to $2.50 for residents 65 years of age and up.

Alternate Transportation

Alternate transportation services providing scooters and bikes have become an increasingly popular way to stay active and see your city in a new way. While a provider like Bird hasn’t yet come to Clearwater, Florida, Lime does service nearby Tampa.

Parking in Metro Areas

There is no shortage of parking options in Clearwater, from beach parking to downtown parking to street parking. North Beach Parking Plaza is the ideal spot to park for a day at the beach, with rates of just three dollars an hour.

There are plenty of parking garages downtown as well as select Pay and Display parking meters for the beach, street, and downtown locations. You can pay with a credit card, coins, and bills at parking meters. Residents can also obtain monthly parking permits.

Owners of electric vehicles are in luck, considering Clearwater, Florida has 73 different Level Two and Level Three parking stations within roughly a nine-mile radius of the city. Currently, 78 percent of the charging ports are Level Two and 52 percent of all ports provide free charges to users.

Air Quality in Clearwater

One of the many factors that affect air quality in any city is vehicle emissions. While modern cars are governed by much more stringent regulations than the cars of days gone by, pollution is still a viable issue.

The table below indicates the most recent data released by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in their 2016, 2017, and 2018 reports.

Pinellas County Air Quality Index201620172018
Days with AQI366365365
Good Days315289311
Moderate Days517554
Days Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups010
Days Unhealthy000
Days Very Unhealthy000
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This data is excellent news for residents of Clearwater, Florida, as there were zero days unhealthy or days very unhealthy in the years between 2016 and 2018. The lion’s share of days ranked as days with good air quality, and just one day in that period was categorized as unhealthy for sensitive groups.

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If you are currently serving or previously served in the U.S. military, you could qualify for special discounts for your car insurance coverage in Clearwater, Florida.

Don’t miss this lowdown on military discounts in your city.

Veterans by Service Period

veterans clearwater florida

According to Data USA, the most significant percentage of military personnel in Clearwater, Florida is comprised of former Vietnam veterans, with the populace of individuals who served in Vietnam is 2.12 times more than residents who served in any other war.

The second and third most common service periods are former military personnel from the first and second Gulf Wars, respectively.

Military Bases Within an Hour

Florida has its fair share of military bases, with a couple located in the Clearwater area, including Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base and MacDill AFB in Tampa.

Military Discounts by Provider

The table below indicates the known carriers who provide discounts to former and current members of the military. USAA also offers discounts for military garaging.

InsurerPercentage Saved with Discount
Geico (may be active or retired)15%
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
MetLife15% (could vary based on years of service)
Safeco (may be active or retired)N/A
USAA (policyholder, spouse, or parents must be active or retired military to secure policy)N/A
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Some insurers don’t release how much of a discount they offer, so some carriers listed don’t have values provided. However, these companies do still offer discounts so be sure to inquire with your agent.

USAA Available in Florida

Only military personnel and members of their family can secure coverage through USAA. Check out the table below to find out just how much you could save if you are eligible for coverage through USAA.

GroupAnnual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
Liberty Mutual$5,368.15$687.6912.81%
State Farm$3,397.67-$1,282.79-37.75%
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For a point of reference, the average cost of auto insurance in The Sunshine State is $4,680.46. As you can see here, USAA’s rates are roughly 64.2 percent less than the state average!

Unique Clearwater Laws

Before you grab your car keys, check out these essential driving laws all motorists in Clearwater, Florida should know about.

Hands-Free Driving Law

Florida’s new Hands-Free Driving Law makes distracted driving a primary offense punishable by a $30 fine for first-time offenses, exclusive of additional costs such as lawyers fees or court expenses. The law went into effect on July 1, 2019, setting a much firmer line for distracted driving with had previously been categorized as a secondary offense.

Food Trucks

The state of Florida classifies food trucks as mobile food dispensing units. Anyone who wishes to operate a food truck in Clearwater must obtain a Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle License from the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

You will also have to comply with Pinellas County regulations and local city regulations. Visit the Pinellas County Concession Vendor Permit Application page and the City of Clearwater’s Applications page to learn more.

Tiny Homes

Also known as accessory dwelling units, tiny homes are slowly popping up around Pinellas County as local officials seek to find a resolution to the community’s affordable housing issues. Visit Pinellas County Building Services page for more information regarding documentation and permits.

Parking Laws

While you might be tempted to park anywhere you can locate an empty space, parking in the right location and facing the correct direction could make all the difference between being in line with local ordinances or finding yourself slapped with heavy traffic fines.

With all the parking garage and metered spaces available in the city, don’t risk getting ticketed for a parking violation. Visit the Clearwater Code of Ordinances to learn more.

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Clearwater Car Insurance FAQs

You’ve made it this far! Keep reading to the end to discover the answers to these quick-fire questions.

Are there any languages I should know?

Data USA revealed that 15 percent of Clearwater, Florida’s resident populace were born outside of the U.S. The most common foreign languages spoken in Clearwater are Spanish Creole or Spanish, Creek, and Other Indo-European languages.

How much is the cost of living like in Clearwater?

Sperling’s Best Places releases reports indicating the cost of living in cities around the country. They rank the cost of living based on a numerical system, with cities below 100 being less expensive than the U.S. median and cities above 100 being more expensive.

Sperlings has reported that the cost of living in Clearwater, Florida is 105.4. The median price for a home in the Clearwater is $210,800.

What are the auto insurance requirements in Florida?

Any individual who has a vehicle registered in the state of Florida must maintain $10,000 personal injury protection and $10,000 property damage coverage, at the very minimum.

What happens if I get into a car crash in Florida?

Florida is one of the rare no-fault states in the country, which means that if you get into an accident, your auto insurance is held responsible to pay for any damages you incur.

Your coverage is considered primary coverage, regardless of whether or not you caused the accident. You can only pursue the at-fault party if your injuries meet certain thresholds.

If I’m a high-risk driver and can’t get coverage, what are my options?

If you are unable to secure coverage through the voluntary market, whether due to a history of traffic violations, accidents or otherwise, the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association (FAJUA) could present a solution.

If you are eligible for and accepted into FAJUA’s high-risk pool, you will be assigned an insurer, but potentially pay much higher rates for coverage.

However, being insured through the high-risk pool will ensure you meet the state-mandated minimums for coverage and give you time to improve your driving record in hopes of securing more affordable coverage through the voluntary market once again later on.

Are you ready to find the right car insurance provider in Clearwater, Florida to secure the best coverage for all the drivers in your household? Get started today when you comparison shop with our FREE online rate tool. Enter your zip code now in the box below.